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Polyurethane Engine Mount – Product Test

We wrote a couple of months ago about how we had fitted polyurethane engine mounts inserts to our test car. At the time we were not to impressed with the results but we have had the mounts on for a few months and our opinion

Is still unchanged. Like we said originally the gear changes are much smoother but here is a lot of vibration at idle and the car is much easier to stall then before.

When we first talked about the polyurethane mounts we only had them on the car a few days. We thought they may soften up after a few months but they haven’t. They are largely the same as when we first fitted them.

So would we recommend fitting them now we have had them on the car for a while? Our original conclusion stands, we replaced the front and rear engine mounts with these polyurethane inserts, maybe this was a bit much for a daily driver. Just replacing the one mount either front or rear would have had the desired effect without the drawbacks. Probably.

The wheel hop issue is still being eliminated by the engine mounts. Maybe the solution would not have been so clear if only one mount had been fitted.

All in all polyurethane engine mounts are a border line engine mod. If comfort is your number one priority they are probably not the best choice. If you use your car on track regularly then I would definitely recommend them.

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