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Porsche Performance Exhaust Systems

Performance exhaust systems for Porsche 993, 996, 997, 986, 987, 944, 970, 955, 950 Panamera, Boxster, Cayman, Turbo, Carrera, GT3, GT2 Turbo. Porsche performance exhaust system parts available include headers, front pipes, manifolds, headers, sports cat, tips, silencers, mufflers, turbo back exhaust systems and cat back exhaust systems.

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Porsche Performance Exhaust System

Agency Power
Hayward and Scott
HIB Exhausts LLangefni Anglesey
Simpson Race Exhausts

Exhaust System Coatings

Hi Performance Coatings

Exhaust System Parts

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Porsche Performance Exhaust Systems

Agency Power
A range of Porsche exhaust systems and exhaust parts. Agency Power have Porsche headers, Porsche turbo manifolds, cat back exhaust systems and sport catalyts

Agency Power Sports Exhaust Porsche 997 Turbo

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Agency Power UK – Agency Power Sport Exhaust System Porsche 997 Turbo

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Agency Power Sport Exhaust System Porsche 997 Turbo

Price £2,571.43

TH Motorsports

More InformationYearModelSubModelCylindersLiterAspirationEng Desg.FuelNotes
Click Here For Price…2007 – 2012911ALLALLALLTALLALL997 Model
Click Here For Price…2009 – 2012911ALLALLALLNALLALL987.2 Model
Click Here For Price…2010 – 2012911ALLALLALLTALLALL997.2 Model
Click Here For Price…2005 – 2009BOXSTERALLALLALLALLALLALL987 Model
Click Here For Price…2007 – 2009CAYMANALLALLALLALLALLALL987 Model

Porsche Shop UK

(Porsche 997 Gen1 Exhausts 2005-2009)
Price:£1,656.93 / €2,038.02 Exc VAT
Agency Power 997 Turbo/GT2 High Flow Rear Box's
Agency Power 997 Turbo/GT2 High Flow Rear Box’s
(Porsche Agency Power Exhaust Boxes & Headers / Manifolds)
Price:£1,656.93 / €2,038.02 Exc VAT



Welcome to our full range of exhaust systems for sports cars. We offer complete, partial, open or street legal products that significantly improve performance. A range of cat back and turbo back Posrche exhaust systems. Cars covered include 997, 996, GT2, GT3, Turbo Carerra

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Rossiters UK

Porsche 997 Turbo / S (997) Face Lift (2010 – 2012)
EC Type approved Slip-On system with optional link pipes

Akrapovic has once again developed the premier exhaust for the Porsche Turbo line. We begin with our very lightweight centre muffler made from our proprietary titanium alloy. Replacing the stock centre muffler alone reduces the weight at the back of the car by 4 kg.
The next option is to replace the stock link pipes with the Akrapovic variant made from titanium and incorporating either 100 cpsi or 200 cpsi high-flow catalysts (customer choice). These link pipes, when coupled with our titanium centre muffler, produce total weight savings of 8 kg compared with the stock system.

Slip-On system £4608
Optional link pipes £3287

Design 911


Zoom In Akrapovic Titanium Exhaust System for Porsche 997 Turbo 2010>> Code: S-PO997TFLH Akrapovic has once again developed the premier exhaust for the Porsche Turbo line. We begin with our…


Make a variety of Porsche cat back exhaust systems for Boxster 986, Carrera, GT3, GT3 RS, 997, 996, Cayman and Cayman S

high end manufacturer of exhaust systems based in Banbury. Systems available direct from BTB. BTB make a track day silencer add on for Porsche GT3
Specialist in custom systems for individuals to car manufacturers.  Porsche

A range of catback Porsche exhaust systems for 996, 997, Carerra, GT3, Turbo and GT2. Porsche exhaust parts include high flow sport catalysts/sports cats. Joe Fabiani, the founder and owner of Fabspeed Motorsport started the business in 1992. He has been member of the Porsche club since 1986 and is an active participant of the PCA Drivers education and Club Racing for 20 years. He personally designs and tests all of Fabspeed Motorsport performance products. He has assembled a team of professionals with over 150 years of combined experience.

Fabspeed manufactures the world’s highest quality “MAXFLO” T304 Stainless Steel exhaust systems, carbon fiber style high performance air intake systems and more for Porsche, Ferrari, Maserati and Lamborghini cars.

Hayward and Scott
Specialist Porsche performance exhaust manufacturer. Also manufactures stainless steel exhaust systems for Porsche 944, Boxster 968, 987, 928, 914, 911 and 986

HIB Exhausts LLangefni Anglesey

Magnaflow                   Magnaflow uk – tokyo express           Magnaflow Greece – Street and Circuit
American exhaust manufacturer using straight through exhaust design constructed from stainless steel and titanium. Porsche exhaust systems for 968, 944 Cayman

Milltek                   milltek uk  – power station            milltek greece – street and circuit
Milltek have now established themselves as a key player in the performance automotive industry. Milltek make a comprehensive range of exhaust systems and downpipes for most popular cars but arguable Milltek is most famous for it’s involvement in the VW, Audi, Seat and Skoda scene.

We first wrote: New name to the Performance Exhaust system arena but is rapidly becoming established as one of the best, subtle sound and good power for the  Porsche 911, 993 Turbo, 996 Turbo GT2, GT3 and GT3 RS, 993 Coupe, 997 Carrera S, Cayenne Turbo

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Regal Autosport

Milltek Turbo Back System – 997TT
The design of this system combines all of the power associated with a precision built aftermarket sport exhaust system with the sound quality discriminating Porsche owners expect and your 997TT deserves. Our unique system offers a pure, clean, crisp sound while maintaining a quiet interior cabin without any annoying resonance. The muffler canisters are engineered sound chambers that utilise different cavities and air channels to reduce sound. Additionally, the included heat shields act as additional sound barriers while reducing radiant heat like the OEM system. The exhaust note will not change over the life of the system like other exhausts that may sound good for 6 months and then get ridiculously loud as the muffler wears in. This is the ultimate exhaust system that offers it all and will make the perfect addition to your Porsche 997 Turbo.

Price: £2,129.40 (Including VAT at 20%)

Unit 20

Milltek Porsche 997 Turbo Sports Exhaust


Vivid Racing

Turbo-back Assembly with 100 cell cats.

Requires a Stage 2 ECU remap.

Consists of;

1 x RH Hi-Flow Cat & Silencer Assembly

1 x LH Hi-Flow Cat & Silencer Assembly

Vivid Racing

Milltek Turbo-Back Exhaust Porsche 997 Turbo 06-09   Model: SSXPO020/021 Price: $3,799.00   Sale: $3,685.03

Custom performance exhaust manufacturer. If you are finding it hard to find a performance exhaust for your car or your looking for exhaust to fit a new body kit to your car (eg where the tailpipe exit is different/ extra outlets etc) powerflow can help.

Stainless steel performance exhaust system manufacturer offering a massive range of Porsche performance exhaust systems. Quicksilver’s Porsche exhausts are available in inconel, titanium, stainless steel and are available for the 997 Turbo, GT3, Carrera, Boxster, Cayman, 924,. Porsche exhaust parts include sports cats, cat back systems, headers, manifolds, full systems, silencers.

Simpson Race Exhausts
Custom Exhaust Manufacturer of headers, manifolds and exhaust systems, All mandrel bent with smooth interiors for maximum exhaust flow. Site contains photos of work carried out on customer race cars. These manifolds look like a work of art. Its worth looking at the site just for the photos. Based inBerkshire,England.

Simpson Race Exhausts manufactures Inconel and stainless steel tubular manifolds and systems for racecars. It supplies fully re-packable silencers and do In house noise testing. It can also supply mandrel bends, merged collectors and any exhaust components


SpeedArt Exhaust Porsche

speedART is a company specialized in exclusive Porsche tuning. Our target is to give your Porsche an individual touch. Our staff have outstanding experience in tuning Porsche and work with dedication on that special sportscar. Use the Link “Program or News” and you will find an overview of our great tuning products and modifications. 986, 987 Boxster, Cayman, 996, 997, 955, 957, 958Cayenne, Panamera 970,

Supersprint                    dealers > supersprint uk – eurostyling
Famous manufacturer of stainless steel exhaust systems, their performance exhaust systems are mandrel bent and carry a lifetime warranty.Porsche 986, 987, 996, 997, 970, 958, 957, 955, Boxster, Cayenne, Cayman Porsche exhaust parts available include manifolds/headers, sports cats, turbo back exhaust systems, cat back exhaust systems and exhaust tips

Porsche exhaust systems for 993, 996, 997, Turbo, Carrera, GT3, Carrera GT, Cayman, Boxster, 986, 987,Cayenne, Panamera

Ability is not enough.

Turning something extraordinary into something unique needs a sense of design
and great workmanship. It needs years of motorsport experience and perfect engineering.
And it needs finest materials as well as a premium level of manufacturing quality.

But most of all, it needs passion.

At TECHART, this passion burns since 1987. TECHART has been a recognized vehicle
manufacturer for years, globally indentified by its own WMI number. And still today,
TECHART sets the pattern in individualizing Porsche automobiles and has established as
the international premium brand in this segment. In the fields of aerodynamics and exterior
design, automotive engineering as well as interior refinement at the in-house saddlery, the
TECHART individualization programs cover the whole model range of Porsche.

Performance exhaust systems for Porsche 986, 996, 977, Panamera, Boxster, Cayman,Cayenne. Heavily involved and supplies exhausts directly to motorsport teams around the world


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