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Independent Porsche Specialist Directory – UK, Europe, USA

Porsche GT2 9ff GT1100

Independent Porsche specialists offering engine upgrades, engine builds, remaps, performance parts, suspension upgrades, servicing, styling parts, body kits including alloy wheels.

Independent Porsche Specialists

EBS Racing Nevada
Elephant Racing San Jose, CA
Haus Of Peroformance (Costa Mesa,  CA)
jz machtech (Kings Langley)
krage tuning – Berlin
Manthey Motors – Germany

ninemeister (chesire)
PS AutoArt
Ramus Porsche
RSS Performance
Tech9 Motorsport
Welmeister – Melbourne

Porsche Race Series/Championships

Porsche 924 Championship

Independent Porsche Specialists – Company Summary

Porsche tuning specialist based in Germany, suppliers of high performance engine components as part of performance kits for relevant model. Service offered include 997 Turbo, 996 Turbo, 993 Turbo, 997 Carrera, 996 Carrera, 996 GT3, 996 GT2, 987 Cayman, 987 Boxster, 955 Cayenne, 997 GT3. Performance parts available include big brake kits, exhaust manifolds and performance exhaust systems,  limited slip differentials/lsd’s, gear ratio kits for longer or shorter gearing, lightweight flywheels, engine building and engine re-building, diff oil coolers, tiptronic upgrades, engine tuning kits/engine tuning upgrades coil over suspension kits and for styling/aerodynamics and weight loss, 9ff offer carbon fibre doors, bonnets, and roof as well as front lip spoilers, rear wings and alloy wheels with 9ff patented centre lock system.
Only shows the speedo but the acceleration is impressive and the sound is Porschetastic.

Porsche’s heritage is something we’re proud to be part of, so when we do a ‘special project’ or a restoration, we aim to build it to the very best standards possible. Whilst this is never cheap, we hope that the finished products speaks for itself.

Whether your idea is likely to be a one-week or a one-year project, we’ll be delighted to discuss your goals and try to advise you of the best way to invest your funds.

Whilst we’re renowned for our very detailed and complex work, we’re equally happy on the simpler projects and however big or small the ideas, if we think you’re about to waste your money we’ll tell you – even if it means you walk away having spent nothing with us.

Modification & Individualisation:
Autofarm has become synonymous with the modification and conversion of all Porsche models. Using your ideas and our experience, together we can help you develop your perfect Porsche in our dedicated Special Projects Workshop or Engine Room. Also with the vast amount of aftermarket components and accessories available, we can truly individualise your Porsche, be it bodywork, engine or interiors. With our experience of Porsche style and specification, combined with value and quality, Autofarm will realise your dream.

Since 1973 we’ve been helping clients build unique racing machines, rebuild their everyday Porsche engines and gearboxes as well as developing bespoke units for road/track use.

Be they normally aspirated, turbo or supercharged, we’re here to help and guide on any engine/box work you might wish us to undertake.

Whether it’s complex, a one-off, a top-end rebuild, worn gearbox synchros or anything else, we’ll advise you on the most cost-effective way forward.

As one of the first members of the official “Porsche Trade Parts Programme” (Membership No. 01024TM) we have access to the FULL Porsche Cars GB parts catalogue for both modern and classic models.

With over thirty years experience, we have pulled together a range of quality products from manufacturers and suppliers from around the world to ensure that we only supply you the best. We are able to provide mail-order services with a next day delivery and most major credit cards are accepted.

996 engine & Transmission options
A full range of bolt on add-ons and engine enhancements for your Porsche:

Remus Sport stainless steel exhaust silencers (All models except GT3): Provides a deep sporty sound and a horsepower increase. Extra 30+bhp is possible.

Milltek Sport stainless steel exhaust (silencers only): Provides a deep sporty sound and a horsepower increase. Removes the secondary cats from the system. Extra 30+bhp is possible.

ECU Re-map: Mapping can release your cars full potential. Increasing throttle response, bhp, torque and even fuel economy, with changes to the ECU program. Prices start from £500 + VAT.

Lightened flywheel: Replaces the 12kg dual mass item with a 5.6kg single piece lightweight flywheel. Helps improve acceleration and deceleration times.

K&N air filter (All models): Replaces the original factory item. Allows increased air flow to the engine.

Sump Extension Kit (Carrera models only): Kit Includes; 1 off Billet Sump Extension made from billet 6082 aluminium, 1 off Windage Tray (aluminium), 1 off Pick up Pipe Extension Block, 1 off Modified Porsche Bulkhead, 2 off 30x3mm O-Rings, 12 off M6x 50mm Lg Bolts, 3 off M6 x 47mm Lg Bolts (Red Top), 3 off M6 x 20mm Lg Hex Hd Bolts, 3 off M6 Nyloc Nuts, 21 off M6 washers, 1 off Tube Loctite 5900 Flange Sealer. To help prevent any Oil surge/starvation whilst on Track (invaluable if using Slick-Inter-Wets- Track Day Tyres). £368.00 + VAT

3.7 litre capacity upgrade (350+ bhp possible): Available as either a rebuild kit or as a full exchange engine for your 3.4 unit. Cam & ECU upgrades also available. Please click HERE for more information.

3.9 litre capacity upgrade: Available as above for your 3.6 unit. Please click HERE for more information.

Porsche and VW tuning specialist – Our expertise in Porsche performance has earned us awards from the national media and international recognition. From hand built exhaust systems to full turbo packages, our products are crafted with precision and performance in mind. Car covered include the 997 Turbo, 997 Carrera and Carrera S, Carrera GT, Cayman & Cayman S, 996 Carrera, Carrera 4 and 996 Turbo, 986 Boxster and Boxster S, 993 Carrera and 993 Turbo – Parts include performance exhaust systems, performance chip upgrades, H&R and Bilstein suspension kits and components such as anti-roll bars, stainless steel braided brake hoses, pedal sets and HRE alloy wheels.

Independent Porsche specialist offering aero upgrades, performance parts and tuning upgrades. Performance parts available include front lip spoilers, rear spoilers, rear wings, headlight covers, carbon wing mirror covers, carbon fibre bonnets, gurney flaps, lightweight fibreglass doors, carbon fibre fenders, brake cooling kits, big brake kits, suspension kits fixed and adjustable, alloy wheels, roll cages, car covers and car capsules for storage and engine coffee tables. Models covered include 993 GT2, 993 Turbo 993 Carrera and Carrera S, 996 Turbo, 996 GT2, 996 GT3, 996 Carrera 4S, 997 Turbo, 997 GT3, 997 GT3 RS and Carrera GT.

EBS Racing Nevada
Porsche performance parts specialist. Parts available include rods, bearings, pistons, hoses, valves, valve springs, clutches, bolts and brake pads

Elephant Racing San Jose, CA
Elephant Racing is a company of Porsche enthusiasts. Our mission is to develop and deliver performance parts and solutions to fellow enthusiasts. Our focus is suspension and oil cooling. Along with our products we provide expert advice and the type of help you can only get from a true enthusiast.

We focus on the design, engineering, development, and manufacture of unique and original products – avoiding copies and me-too parts. We carry best-of-breed products from other manufacturers that complement our own products. In short, if we can build a better product we will. If quality products already exist, we’ll use them.

Our commitment is to product development and engineering. To that end, we have opened a new R&D facility in San Jose, CA. The new facility is equipped to speed product development with state-of-art 3D CAD design, modeling, and simulation tools in addition to a complete auto shop and machine shop.

Elephant Racing is about racing. We race because it improves our products, we race to understand our customers, we race because it’s fun.

Gregory Loles and a core group of dedicated and highly talented Porsche technicians opened Farnbacher Loles in early 2005. From the start we immediately set out to create the finest service and performance experience inNorth America. To that end, we offer only the highest quality performance products available in America.

Porsche tuning specialist – For all Porsche® Models:

Inspection and maintenance

Engines and Transmission Repair

Accident Repair, Bodywork

Performance Upgrades

Body changes

Motorsport Tuning

Customizing and Special Orders



Porsche Tuning and styling specialist. Customizing Emotions for 25 Years -that is what GEMBALLA stands for. We are your partner for ultimate individuality, exclusive luxury and unleashed power for all your driving desires. cars covered – 955 Cayenne, 996 Turbo, 996 GT2, 996 C2, 996 C4, 986 Boxster, 997 Cabrio, Cayman – Performance parts include body kits/aero kits, suspension kits, anti-roll bars, wheel spacers, axle links, sport springs, big brake kits, braided brake hoses, alloy wheels, performance exhausts, air filters, engine upgrades, instrument fascias, floor mats, pedal sets, roll cages and steering wheels.

Haus Of Peroformance
We are committed to providing outstanding service to our customers, including:

Repair Porsches to meet or exceed factory standards.
Service Porsches according to the maintenance schedule prescribed in the owners’ manual.
Install equipment or upgraded components to enhance the car to your standards.
Modify cars to suit the tastes or requirements of the competitor within

jz machtech
Since their early days in the motor industry, Jonas Zambakides, who formed his first company JAZ Porsche at the age of 25, and Steve Mchale have always had a passion for Porsche. So when they met in 1998 they came up with the idea of merging their two companies to set up a Porsche independent garage to rival the main dealers and offer honest and friendly customer service with sensible pricing. The merger took place within months when in 1999, JZ Porsche Care, owned by Jonas, and Machtech Tuning, owned by Steve, became JZ Machtech.

krage tuning – Berlin
Your Porsche will be in good hands. Even Porsche 911 Carrera, 964, 993, 996 or the classical Porsche as 356 – we offer you beside service, inspection, repair works also refinement, styling, Porsche tuning, power increase and restoration of oldtimers.

Your Porsche will be handled by two masters of motor vehicle and world champions in motor sport. Porsche, the tuning sector and the increase in power of the Zuffenhauser sports cars are done with a long year expericence, know-how and devotion.

Manthey Motors
The following text is translated from German with Babel – No Porsche became in the course of the last 40 years more to the synonym for the whole mark, like the 911. No more other sports car earns the designation legend, than the 911. No other model is located therefore in such a way in the center of the activities of MANTHEY of ENGINE, how the 911! And so it may hardly surprise, if we prepared ourselves already promptly on the introduction of the 996-Nachfolger. Under the slogan „bake ton the root” takes new 997 strong loans at the 993, which is for many until today the last „genuine “911er. And one is certain – the sport program of MANTHEY of ENGINE for the new 997 is equal to extent, performance and soundness the successful program for the 996.

When rebuilding a 911 engine you are already committed to a fair investment in labour alone to strip and rebuild the engine. When the engine is apart it is a perfect time to implement procedures to maximise the engine performance.9m can offer a range of performance proven options that can be put in place when your engine is being rebuilt. From port flowing & Polishing to case pinning and uprated engine hardware we can decide a specification for your engine that is guaranteed to get the maximum possible power from the engine.

Independent Porsche specialist With over 25 years experience, Parr is now one of the UK’s leading Porsche specialists. Porsche service work remains the core business for Parr and it is our priority that we provide the best possible service to our valued customers.

The Porsche servicing department at Parr has extensive knowledge in every aspect of Porsche work whether it’s a routine service, performance upgrade, restoration project, Dyno tuning, track preparation or a full FIA GT campaign Parr can take care of it.

Parr feel its diverse service department and Porsche knowledge is unrivalled.

Parr offers fixed price servicing for Porsche 911, 924, 928, 944, 964, 968, 993, 996, Boxster,Cayenne, 997 and Cayman

PS AutoArt
Beautiful, classic and practical…
what more could you want?

Timeless style with modern features and performance. Designed and built for daily use. Coupe or Targa configuration. 12,000 mile services intervals. 3 year 60,000 mile warranty*

Totally bespoke and hand built to your specification. Available in LHD or RHD
Ramus Porsche
Ramus independent Porsche Specialists are suppliers of Porsche Parts and Porsche Accessories, and have a wide range of porsche parts and Porsche accessories for all models of Porsche cars, from Porsche 911, Porsche Carrera, Porsche 996, Porsche 996 Turbo, as well as the Porsche 912, Porsche 914, Porsche 924, Porsche 928, Porsche 944, Porsche 964, Porsche 968, Porsche 993, Porsche 997 and Porsche Boxster.

Ramus Porsche Specialists are a well established and highly specialist Porsche Service and Porsche Repair Centre dealing with all aspects of Porsche vehicle diagnostics, Porsche mechanical repairs and Porsche parts, and Porsche accessories, as well as Porsche body repairs.

The Porsche brand played a decisive role at Rinspeed from the start. The eighties saw great success with the R29 models based on the Porsche 928, the R69 based on the Porsche Turbo 1 and the Rinspeed Porsche Speedster based on the first Speedster model. These models quickly became the epitome of exciting sports car design with unique styling and quality.

RSS Performance
We offer our customers the same championship winning team, who were crowned 2007 British GT GTC champions, with a range of automotive services to maximise driver enjoyment and skill. For 2008 we are able to offer a number of improved services to sit alongside our existing sports car & racecar services (see our services page). The RSS Performance organised trackdays are becoming ever popular amongst all levels of drivers; to find out more details please fill out the simple form, where you can also subscribe to regular updates and news.

Porsche styling and body kit specialist

Tech9 Motorsport
Tech 9 Motorsport has a long, successful history of building Porsches that win races, racing for some is a passion, for others a core business but for team boss, Phil Hindley, it is both of these, British GT Champions 2003, 2004, 2005. The Tech 9 GT3 machine is consistently the fastest Porsche CUP Car in theUK andEurope, with its performance in the British Championships, FIA GT3 and the Bahrain GT Festival speaking for themselves. Tech 9 Motorsport has constantly broken records. Tech 9 has the Skills, determination, car and team. Tech 9 built to win.

Independent Porsche Tuning Specialist – At TECHART, this passion burns since 1987. TECHART has been a recognized vehicle manufacturer for years, globally identified by its own WMI number. And still today, TECHART sets the pattern in individualizing Porsche automobiles and has established as the international premium brand in this segment. In the fields of aerodynamics and exterior design, automotive engineering as well as interior refinement at the in-house saddlery, the TECHART individualization programs cover the whole model range of Porsche.

speedART is a company specialized in exclusive Porsche tuning. Our target is to give your Porsche an personal touch. Our staff have outstanding experience in tuning Porsche and work with dedication on that special sportscar.

Welmeister – Melbourne
Established inMelbourne in 1993, Weltmeister has fast becomeAustralia’s largest independent specialised Porsche-only service centre and major ‘tuning house’ for Porsche cars.

Porsche Race Series/Championships

Porsche 924 Championship
The Porsche 924 formula of an aerodynamic and low, lightweight coupe body structure, front engine and rear mounted transmission makes an excellent platform for an agile 21st century race car. Removing excess weight, adding more power and improving handling and braking, results in a car which is attractive to the novice but provides a real challenge to the more experienced racer looking for those final few race winning tenths.

The BRSCC Porsche 924 Championship is a great first step on the racing ladder, and many drivers have moved on to success in other series having learned their race craft in the highly competitive world of 924 racing. It is also attractive to the more experienced racer, providing close action with the emphasis on driver skill rather than outright power. There is a mix of ages in the series from teenagers to “grey hairs” all mixing well in a really friendly and welcoming paddock atmosphere.

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