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Primera GT/G20 Walbro Fuel Pump Upgrade – Walbro GSS342

The Walbro GSS342 is a straight swap upgrade for the Nissan Primera GT P11.

Get to the fuel pump are per the Haynes manual. Fuel pump is clicked into the unit that hold the fuel pump and fuel pressure level mechanism so it needs a bit of brute force to pull the pump holder forward and out of the tank.

Getting the original fuel pump and holder out of the tank is the most tricky part of the whole process.

Make sure than when you pull the pump & holder that you do not bend the float for the fuel level sender.

Apart from that you can use the OE fuel pump filter and it uses the OE plug.

Some people have said the Walbro pump is noisy, personally I have not noticed any extra noise.

If you are running turbo or if you simply want to reassurance if having a new pump a well worthwhile upgrade.

Have you done the swap? How was it?

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