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Primera MAF Problems – The Saga Continues

If you have read my past posts about the MAF sensor problems on the Primera you know it has been an ongoing problem.

I thought I had the issue licked but a few months ago the problem re-emerged, ie on off power delivery and stalling.

To cut a long story short it seems that problem was down to the connector on the MAF sensor itself. I never thought that the connector could be the problem, hence why it took so long to sort out!

So finally there was a complete failure and on inspection one of the wires to the MAF had completely sheered off.

Snap connectors, in our opinion completely unsuitable for automotive use
Snap connectors, in our opinion completely unsuitable for automotive use. Saves time in the short run, can lead to time consuming fault finding in the long run and bad electrical connections. Image source:

The previous day they looked okay but it seems that not only was the connector to the MAF defective but also the wiring.

So I replaced the wiring to the connector and the connector itself and so far the car has been running like a watch.

Something else that came to light while sorting out the MAF wiring was the total uselessness of snap connectors.

We had issues with the AEM FIC with regards to getting consistent signals. So while we were sorting the MAF sensor we also took the opportunity to replace all the snap connectors with shrink wrapped connections and the engine is much smoother as well as all the sensor giving higher voltages.

So in summary, if you are having MAF problems with your Primera, check the connector on the MAF sensor itself and if you are doing any wiring on your car, do not use snap connectors, they are a complete waste of time.

The professional method. Properly crimped connectors with shrink tubing. Super secure connection that can take punishment while also giving a sound electrical connection. Image source:

They may save some time in the short run but ultimately we found that they do not give a good electrical connection.

Hopefully that is the end of the MAF issues on the car.

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