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Removing Car Badges – How To

In my experience, when it comes for removing car badges the key is heat and specifically steam.

Parts Required

Plastic Pry Bar
Microfibre Rag – Disposable
Microfibre Cloth

Step 1 – Badge/Emblem

Steam the car badge you’re removing. The goal here is to remove the badge itself. Steam the badge then get a pry bar underneath. Lever it up a little bit and steam again.

Eventually the car badge will come off

Step 2 – Sticky Residue

You’ll be left with the sticky residue.

Depending on what your plan is you can either leave it if it’s a shallow amount and you are putting a new car badge.

Or you can remove the remaining sticky residue. Removing car badge residue again uses steam. (I’ve tried WD40 but thought steam was quicker). Steam a small piece until it has a good temp and then rub with the microfibre rag.

This rag is not going to be usable after so use a rag you do not care about.

Repeat, repeat, repeat until you get the finish you want.

Step 3 – Silicone

In the video the car emblem was also attached with silicone. For this I found steaming the silicone and then rubbing with the end of the plastic pry bar with a little pressure and quick movements proved the fastest way. But it was still slow going.

Step 4 – Cleaning

Steam the area and rub with the clean microfibre cloth. We want a clean surface for the new car emblem.

Step 5 – New Badge

Stick the new car emblem/badge on the car and hold it there with a magnet for as long as you can. So it sticks securely. And you are done.

Removing Car Badges – Summary

There is no magic wand. Elbow grease and patience is required. The method in this article is the quickest and easiest I know of.

If you know of a better way, leave a comment.

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