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Rent Your Car To A Stranger & Let Them Pay Your Mortgage!

GetAround - turn your car into a hire car!

Car rental from a completely new perspective.

You may have heard of ZipCar but GetAround takes it one step further.

You rent your car to a complete stranger and GetAround pays you 60% of the rental fee.

GetAround, okay I admit it, I have already got visions of having my very own, self driven by the customer, mini cab fleet.

If your reading StrikeEngine you probably think this sounds extremely dodgy. If your reading StrikeEngine it probably means you drive a bit faster than the average driver and there is no way you would rent your car to any organisation that would have you as a member.

But hopefully, for the sake of GetAround, there are a lot of sensible drivers out there who would trust you or me with their car.

Only working in California at the moment but it seems to be like it’s the sort of idea that could take off. The fact that GetAround use their own insurance for the car takes a bit of weight off the mind.

Okay, so your probably not going to put your Porsche 997 GT3 into the mix but it did get me thinking. Can you make money out of this by buying a cheap second-hand car and putting it into the GetAround car pool?

Not a possibility at the moment in the UK but if you are in California it does open up the possibility of creating your very own rental fleet of cheap cars with someone else taking car of the paperwork.

It’s an intriguing idea and I cannot wait to see how it develops as a business.

From the GetAround website

Rent cars from real people.

Convenient hourly and daily rentals. Browse all sorts of cars shared by people in your neighborhood.
Earn money renting your car.

Share your car and earn money while you’re not using it. Sharing your car just 15 hours per week can earn you an extra $350 each month.
Every rental includes insurance.

Getaround rentals include insurance, backed by one of America’s largest insurance companies. Coverage includes liability, collision, property damage, and uninsured motorist protection.
A safe and trusted community.

We screen drivers and vehicles to ensure they meet our eligibility requirements. After every rental, you rate the other party and leave feedback describing your experience.
The Getaround Carkit.

The Getaround Carkit installs in your car and lets renters access your car via their smartphone.
Skip the paperwork. Use your iPhone.

Reserve and access your rental car directly using your iPhone, without the hassles of lines and paperwork. Don’t have an iPhone? You can do everything from our website, but you’ll need to meet the car owner to pick up the keys.
Get started in under 60 seconds.

The first time you rent a car, we’ll collect your driver’s license number to make sure you meet our eligibility requirements. Once approved, renting a car is as easy as shopping on Amazon.
Feel good. Help the environment.

Each shared car takes 10 cars off the road and reduces personal carbon emissions by over 40%. As a member of Getaround, you are helping to reduce the negative impact that cars have on the environment.

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