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Modiefide Magainze are building an S2000 to run in the unlimited class for time attack.

Every month they cover the build and in March 2012’s issue they covered their fuel system. Here are the details

The fuel they will be using is Pro Racing’s Mark 5 114 octane race gas.

The car will used a filter to funnel to further ensure no dirt gets in especially in the heat of battle.

The car will use the stock S2000 fuel tank as its ver well positioned in the chassis and offers enough capacity as well as not having a limited life, like a fuel race spec tank.

To make the gas tank even safer they are using a Auto Analyser Performance evap delete/vent system with a roll over check valve and discriminator valve..

The roll over seals of the filler neck of the car were to ever roll and the discriminator valve stop fuel from splashing out of the top of the tank when the gas tank is full.

Their S2000 will use a Full Blown dual-pump 340litre per hour fuel pump setup. The Full Blown pump setup also keeps the stock fuel level sender.

The Full Blown pump setup includes filter socks for the pumps but Modified used the stock sock on one of the pumps because it allowed them to mount the pump lower in the tank.

The Full Blown fuel pump assembly mounts using the original fuel pump mounts.

Modified Mag were worried about fuel starvation so they have used a fuel swirl pot which is fed from the full Blow fuel pumps.

The fuel surge tank they used is from Integrated Engineering which holds 2 Bosch 044 fuel pumps. The Intergrated Engineering fuel pump pot hold 2.3 litres of fuel, more than enough to eliminate fuel surge problems.

The Integrated Engineering swirl pot comes with a manifold to pair together the outlets of the two fuel pumps to make a very neat installation.

The fuel return lines from the engine feed the swirl pot.

Running all 4 pumps at the same time would be overkill so one pump from each pair will act as a back up.

For the fuel rail they are using an off the shelf item from AEM. The AEM fuel rail includes a take off for a fuel pressure sender and works with AEM’s adjustable fuel pressure regulators.

The AEM fuel rail is fitted with RC Engineering fuel injectors.

In summary this S2000 fuel system has plenty of capacity, has plenty of fail safe built-in as well as extra reliability. Very comprehensive and should easily cope with anything the car is asked to do.

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