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Scottish Parliament Propaganda – Speed Cameras & Reduced Road Fatalities

Reported on Piston Heads – “Accidents, deaths and serious injuries on Scotland’s roads have been slashed by two thirds since the introduction of speed cameras, according to the latest statistics.” – Let me explain why it is nonsense to connect the reduction in fatalities being down to speed cameras.

The first speed camera was used in Scotland around 1990 according to the Piston Heads forum.

Assuming that is correct that means the total fatalities from 1987-1989 was 337.

In 2008-2010 the total number of deaths was 108.

The Scottish parliament/this article is saying that this is down to speed cameras.

To see if this is a reasonable assumption lets look at a country that does not have speed cameras or next to no speed cameras, Greece for example.

In Greece 1991-1993 (figures before were not available) a total of 6429 people were killed.

In Greece 2008-2012 a total of 4267 people, a reduction of 34%.

So Scotland has seen a 68% reduction in around 20 years, Greece has seen a reduction of 34% in 17 years.

Scotland has speed cameras, Greece does not.

If the Scottish parliament believes that speed cameras are the reason for the drop in fatalities in Scotland, what is their explanation for the drop in road deaths in Greece and is this explanation applicable to Scotland and if not, why not?

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