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Fuel Pump Specs – Walbro 255 vs AEM, Bosch, Aeromotive

The fuel pumps used in the Turbo and High Tech Performance fuel pump test laid on a steel topped table

Comparing the specs of most popular performance fuel pump upgrades from AEM, Bosch (044). Walbro (255 GSS342), Deatschwerks (DW300, DW200), Aeromotive & Denso by fuel flow and current draw to see which is best. 

Short Version – The Winners

Stock wiring & drop-in – Walbro GSS342/GSS341/GSS340 – ***Power potential: 662bhp @ 35 PSI

Comments – The superior technology of the Walbro is highlighted in this test. Amazing fuel flow while at the same time drawing low amps. Unless you are going for crazy power it’s hard to justify going to the hassle of rewiring your car when the Walbro 255lph pump does such an good job.

New wiring^ & new plumbing – Bosch 044 – ***Power potential: 812bhp @ 35PSI

New wiring^, drop-in – Aeromotive Stealth 340lph – ***Power potential: 742bhp @ 35PSI

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Walbro 255 – GSS342 Click Here, GSS341 Click Here, GSS340 Click Here

Bosch 044 – Click Here

Aeromotive Stealth – Click Here

***See table (bottom) and Superstreet article for horsepower calculations & raw test data

Why is Current (amp draw) Important?

Flow is obvious. The more fuel a pump can flow the more power we can make.

But current draw. This is the big factor.

Many of the big names say their fuel pump flow tons of fuel. Unfortunately what they don’t tell you, is that you may have to completely redo your fuel pump wiring if you want to use it. And this is obviously a big problem if you just want a drop in upgrade.

^Why would a fuel pump circuit rewire be required?

You or your tuner have to make your own judgement for your car.

My opinion is this.

If I have a car with a 15 amp fuse for the fuel pump circuit, I would not be comfortable using a fuel pump that requires more than 12 amps to deliver the fuel flow I need on a regular basis. I would prefer more headroom, say 4 amps, and this is especially true on older cars whose wiring has probably seen better days and perhaps has a higher resistance than it had when it left the factory. I would prefer to play it safe and give the cabling an easy life as possible.

The last thing I want is for wiring to get hot and possibly melt/start a fire, again, this is especially true on older cars. Higher resistance in wiring means the cables could get hot if they are working close to their limit for extended periods of time. This is my opinion, you have to make your own judgement for your specific situation and requirements.

Fuel Pump Efficiency – The real tech

Bringing flow and current together we get to the real quality performance fuel pumps. Any company can put a big electric motor on a fuel pump that draws a ton of current and flows loads. The intelligence and tech know-how comes from building a fuel pump that can work with standard wiring and flow the fuel a ton of fuel.

The Data

*Data collected by Turbo & High Tech Performance magazine and their amazing performance fuel pump test

Raw test data is included in the table at the bottom of this article

Part 1 of the original test is here

Part 2 is here

Performance Fuel Pump Comparison Test – Winners

Stock Plumbing & Wiring

Factory Wiring Drop In ReplacementWalbro GSS340/GSS341/GSS342

Wiring Upgrade & New Plumbing

Turbo with wiring upgrade and extra plumbingBosch 044

Wiring Upgrade, Stock Plumbing

Turbo with wiring upgrade, drop in replacement – CNT Racing/Aeromotive Stealth 340lph

Normally Aspirated Engine, with wiring upgradeCNT Racing/Aeromotive Stealth 340lph


RC Engineering noted in the test that on paper the non name and fake fuel pumps gave good figures, however they noticed that the fuel flow through the pumps was not stable even at constant voltage and this could lead to fuelling problems especially if the pumps were being run close to their limits. Their advice was to stick to the genuine branded fuel pumps which all gave steady fuel flow.

Fuel Pump Testing Method

In fuel pump tests Turbo & High Tech Performance Magazine measured current draw & fuel flow in 5 PSI steps from 45 PSI up to 100PSI.

Key Takeaways

With regards to efficiency and power handling, there is a clear winner and that is the Walbro GSS342/341/340 fuel pump.

This fuel pump gives a huge increase in fuel flow over the standard fuel pump on most cars while drawing around the same amount of current. You can use the car’s original wiring and the pump is a drop in replacement for the car’s original fuel pump. It does not get easier than that.

If you are happy to rewire your fuel pump with thicker cabling and you are happy to add some extra plumbing to your fuel system so you can fit an inline fuel pump, the Bosch 044 fuel pump came out top for turbo vehicles

For normally aspirated engines the Aeromotive and the CNT Racing fuel pumps came out on top, and both these pumps are designed to be drop in replacements (but check if this is true for your vehicle if you are not sure)

Other Performance Fuel Pump Tests

There are a few performance fuel pump tests on the internet which give the fuel pump specs, but in my experience they do not measure the current draw and this is crucial, especially if you are wanting to use your car’s factory fuel pump wiring.

Direct Injection

These performance fuel pumps are designed for fuel systems which designed to deliver fuel at 45PSI, if you have a fuel system which injects fuel directly into the combustion chamber, these fuel pumps are not for you.

Performance Fuel Pump Specs – Test Data

The right hand column BHP/AMP gives an indication of how efficient the pump is, the higher the number the better.

Denso Evo IX Fuel Pump45.00.013.510.9184.9586.053.8
Denso Evo IX Fuel Pump50.05.013.511.3174.8554.049.0
Denso Evo IX Fuel Pump55.010.013.511.6163.4518.044.7
Denso Evo IX Fuel Pump60.015.013.511.9152.1482.040.5
Denso Evo IX Fuel Pump65.020.013.512.2140.1444.036.4
Denso Evo IX Fuel Pump70.025.013.512.4128.7408.032.9
Denso Evo IX Fuel Pump75.030.013.512.8119.2378.029.5
Denso Evo IX Fuel Pump80.035.013.513.2106.6338.025.6
Denso Evo IX Fuel Pump85.040.013.513.588.3280.020.7
Denso Evo IX Fuel Pump90.045.013.513.870.7224.016.2
Denso Evo IX Fuel Pump95.050.013.514.254.3172.012.1
AEM High-Flow 320 LPH45.00.013.511.2299.7950.084.8
AEM High-Flow 320 LPH50.05.013.511.6285.8906.078.1
AEM High-Flow 320 LPH55.010.013.512.0274.5870.072.5
AEM High-Flow 320 LPH60.015.013.512.4265.0840.067.7
AEM High-Flow 320 LPH65.020.013.512.7254.9808.063.6
AEM High-Flow 320 LPH70.025.013.513.1244.2774.059.1
AEM High-Flow 320 LPH75.030.013.513.4228.4724.054.0
AEM High-Flow 320 LPH80.035.013.513.8218.3692.050.1
AEM High-Flow 320 LPH85.040.013.514.3208.2660.046.2
AEM High-Flow 320 LPH90.045.013.514.6193.1612.041.9
AEM High-Flow 320 LPH95.050.013.515.0176.7560.037.3
AEM High-Flow 320 LPH100.055.013.515.6150.2476.030.5
Aeromotive Stealth FP 340 lph45.00.013.511.4318.01008.088.4
Aeromotive Stealth FP 340 lph50.05.013.511.6306.6972.083.8
Aeromotive Stealth FP 340 lph55.010.013.512.0298.4946.078.8
Aeromotive Stealth FP 340 lph60.015.013.512.3272.6864.070.2
Aeromotive Stealth FP 340 lph65.020.013.512.6272.6864.068.6
Aeromotive Stealth FP 340 lph70.025.013.512.8259.9824.064.4
Aeromotive Stealth FP 340 lph75.030.013.513.1246.1780.059.5
Aeromotive Stealth FP 340 lph80.035.013.513.5234.1742.055.0
Aeromotive Stealth FP 340 lph85.040.013.513.8224.0710.051.4
Aeromotive Stealth FP 340 lph90.045.013.514.4216.4686.047.6
Aeromotive Stealth FP 340 lph95.050.013.514.7206.3654.044.5
Aeromotive Stealth FP 340 lph100.055.013.515.2191.8608.040.0
Bosch 044 Inline 300 lph45.00.013.512.4284.5902.072.7
Bosch 044 Inline 300 lph50.05.013.512.8281.4892.069.7
Bosch 044 Inline 300 lph55.010.013.513.1277.0878.067.0
Bosch 044 Inline 300 lph60.015.013.513.4272.6864.064.5
Bosch 044 Inline 300 lph65.020.013.513.7268.8852.062.2
Bosch 044 Inline 300 lph70.025.013.514.1265.6842.059.7
Bosch 044 Inline 300 lph75.030.013.514.4262.5832.057.8
Bosch 044 Inline 300 lph80.035.013.514.5256.2812.056.0
Bosch 044 Inline 300 lph85.040.013.514.9253.0802.053.8
Bosch 044 Inline 300 lph90.045.013.515.2249.2790.052.0
Bosch 044 Inline 300 lph95.050.013.515.6244.2774.049.6
Bosch 044 Inline 300 lph100.055.013.516.0239.8760.047.5
CNT Racing 300 lph45.00.013.512.6315.51000.079.4
CNT Racing 300 lph50.05.013.512.9306.0970.075.2
CNT Racing 300 lph55.010.013.513.3296.5940.070.7
CNT Racing 300 lph60.015.013.513.6287.1910.066.9
CNT Racing 300 lph65.020.013.514.0276.3876.062.6
CNT Racing 300 lph70.025.013.514.3261.8830.058.0
CNT Racing 300 lph75.030.013.514.8251.1796.053.8
CNT Racing 300 lph80.035.013.515.1241.0764.050.6
CNT Racing 300 lph85.040.013.515.5227.8722.046.6
CNT Racing 300 lph90.045.013.515.8216.4686.043.4
CNT Racing 300 lph95.050.013.516.2201.9640.039.5
CNT Racing 300 lph100.055.013.516.5185.5588.035.6
Deatschwerks DW200 255 LPH45.
Deatschwerks DW200 255 LPH50.
Deatschwerks DW200 255 LPH55.
Deatschwerks DW200 255 LPH60.
Deatschwerks DW200 255 LPH65.020.013.510.1210.7668.066.1
Deatschwerks DW200 255 LPH70.025.013.510.4199.4632.060.8
Deatschwerks DW200 255 LPH75.030.013.510.7195.6620.057.9
Deatschwerks DW200 255 LPH80.035.013.511.0190.5604.054.9
Deatschwerks DW200 255 LPH85.040.013.511.3182.3578.051.2
Deatschwerks DW200 255 LPH90.045.013.511.5173.5550.047.8
Deatschwerks DW200 255 LPH95.050.013.511.8162.2514.043.6
Deatschwerks DW200 255 LPH100.055.013.512.1147.6468.038.7
Deatschwerks DW300 340LPH45.00.013.513.7305.4968.070.7
Deatschwerks DW300 340LPH50.05.013.514.0295.9938.067.0
Deatschwerks DW300 340LPH55.010.013.514.4283.3898.062.4
Deatschwerks DW300 340LPH60.015.013.514.7270.0856.058.2
Deatschwerks DW300 340LPH65.020.013.515.0258.7820.054.7
Deatschwerks DW300 340LPH70.025.013.515.5246.1780.050.3
Deatschwerks DW300 340LPH75.030.013.515.9233.4740.046.5
Deatschwerks DW300 340LPH80.035.013.516.1222.7706.043.9
Deatschwerks DW300 340LPH85.040.013.516.5204.4648.039.3
Deatschwerks DW300 340LPH90.045.013.516.8194.3616.036.7
Deatschwerks DW300 340LPH95.050.013.517.2180.4572.033.3
Deatschwerks DW300 340LPH100.055.013.517.5167.8532.030.4
Deatschwerks DW65C 265 LPH45.
Deatschwerks DW65C 265 LPH50.
Deatschwerks DW65C 265 LPH55.
Deatschwerks DW65C 265 LPH60.
Deatschwerks DW65C 265 LPH65.020.013.510.2219.6696.068.2
Deatschwerks DW65C 265 LPH70.025.013.510.4206.3654.062.9
Deatschwerks DW65C 265 LPH75.030.013.510.8196.2622.057.6
Deatschwerks DW65C 265 LPH80.035.013.511.0184.2584.053.1
Deatschwerks DW65C 265 LPH85.040.013.511.343.9550.048.7
Deatschwerks DW65C 265 LPH90.045.013.511.6163.4518.044.7
Deatschwerks DW65C 265 LPH95.050.013.511.9150.8478.040.2
Deatschwerks DW65C 265 LPH100.055.013.512.3138.8440.035.8
Denso Supra TT OEM 260LPH45.00.013.515.5310.4984.063.5
Denso Supra TT OEM 260LPH50.05.013.515.6295.9938.060.1
Denso Supra TT OEM 260LPH55.010.013.516.0283.9900.056.3
Denso Supra TT OEM 260LPH60.015.013.516.2265.0840.051.9
Denso Supra TT OEM 260LPH65.020.013.516.5249.8792.048.0
Denso Supra TT OEM 260LPH70.025.013.516.7233.4740.044.3
Denso Supra TT OEM 260LPH75.030.013.517.0215.1682.040.1
Denso Supra TT OEM 260LPH80.035.013.517.1190.5604.035.3
Denso Supra TT OEM 260LPH85.040.013.517.4165.3524.030.1
Fake Bosch 044 Inline 300 lph45.
Fake Bosch 044 Inline 300 lph50.
Fake Bosch 044 Inline 300 lph55.
Fake Bosch 044 Inline 300 lph60.
Fake Bosch 044 Inline 300 lph65.
Fake Bosch 044 Inline 300 lph70.
Fake Bosch 044 Inline 300 lph75.030.013.510.3184.2584.056.7
Fake Bosch 044 Inline 300 lph80.035.013.510.7177.9564.052.7
Fake Bosch 044 Inline 300 lph85.040.013.511.1170.4540.048.6
Fake Bosch 044 Inline 300 lph90.045.013.511.6162.2514.044.3
Fake Bosch 044 Inline 300 lph95.050.013.511.9155.2492.041.3
Fake Bosch 044 Inline 300 lph100.055.013.512.4147.0466.037.6
Fake Walbro 255 lph45.00.013.512.9252.4800.062.0
Fake Walbro 255 lph50.05.013.513.2245.4778.058.9
Fake Walbro 255 lph55.010.013.513.5238.5756.056.0
Fake Walbro 255 lph60.015.013.513.7231.6734.053.6
Fake Walbro 255 lph65.020.013.514.0227.1720.051.4
Fake Walbro 255 lph70.025.013.514.2220.8700.049.3
Fake Walbro 255 lph75.030.013.514.6215.1682.046.7
Fake Walbro 255 lph80.035.013.514.9210.7668.044.8
Fake Walbro 255 lph85.040.013.515.2202.5642.042.2
Fake Walbro 255 lph90.045.013.515.5196.2622.040.1
Fake Walbro 255 lph95.050.013.515.8189.3600.038.0
Fake Walbro 255 lph100.055.013.516.1183.6582.036.1
Internet 340 lph45.00.013.510.7310.4984.092.0
Internet 340 lph50.05.013.511.2291.5924.082.5
Internet 340 lph55.010.013.511.5277.6880.076.5
Internet 340 lph60.015.013.512.0262.5832.069.3
Internet 340 lph65.020.013.512.3249.8792.064.4
Internet 340 lph70.025.013.512.8241.0764.059.7
Internet 340 lph75.030.013.513.3227.1720.054.1
Internet 340 lph80.035.013.513.6208.8662.048.7
Internet 340 lph85.040.013.514.0195.6620.044.3
Internet 340 lph90.045.013.514.4181.1574.039.9
Internet 340 lph95.050.013.514.8170.4540.036.5
Internet 340 lph100.055.013.515.3157.1498.032.5
Unisia JECS 02-05 WRX 130 LPH45.
Unisia JECS 02-05 WRX 130 LPH50.
Unisia JECS 02-05 WRX 130 LPH55.
Unisia JECS 02-05 WRX 130 LPH60.
Unisia JECS 02-05 WRX 130 LPH65.
Unisia JECS 02-05 WRX 130 LPH70.
Unisia JECS 02-05 WRX 130 LPH75.
Unisia JECS 02-05 WRX 130 LPH80.
Unisia JECS 02-05 WRX 130 LPH85.
Unisia JECS 02-05 WRX 130 LPH90.
Unisia JECS 2005 STI 145LPH45.
Unisia JECS 2005 STI 145LPH50.
Unisia JECS 2005 STI 145LPH55.
Unisia JECS 2005 STI 145LPH60.
Unisia JECS 2005 STI 145LPH65.
Unisia JECS 2005 STI 145LPH70.
Unisia JECS 2005 STI 145LPH75.
Unisia JECS 2005 STI 145LPH80.
Unisia JECS 2005 STI 145LPH85.
Walbro 255 lph45.
Walbro 255 lph50.
Walbro 255 lph55.
Walbro 255 lph60.
Walbro 255 lph65.
Walbro 255 lph70.
Walbro 255 lph75.
Walbro 255 lph80.
Walbro 255 lph85.
Walbro 255 lph90.
Walbro 255 lph95.
Walbro 255 lph100.055.013.510.2146.4464.045.5

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