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Slime Tyre Repair & Sealant – Product Review

I was having a persistent problem with a slow puncture on one tyre. The problem being that the puncture was so slow that I couldn’t find the location of the hole.

The routine of having to put air in the tyre once a week was wearing thin but just as I was on the verge of forking out for a new pair tyres I came across Slime tyre sealant.

You can either use it with new tyres to make sure they maintain pressure and to block any holes if and when they appear.

Buy Slime in the USA from Amazon

Buy Slime in the UK & Europe from Amazon

I wasn’t expecting too much but seeing as one bottle was enough for one tyre and the bottle cost less than a tenner I though it was worth a shot. It is a lot cheaper than 2 new tyres.

Initially I wasn’t clear how I was getting to get the sealant into the tyre, I had images of having to go to a tyre fitter to get the Slime into the tyre but this, thankfully was not the case.

The cap on the Slime bottle comes with an awesome tool which allows you to unscrew the centre of the tyre valve leaving a big hole into which you squirt the Slime.

Slime Tyre Sealant
the black bottle cap has a tyre valve removal tool built into it.

  the black bottle cap has a tyre valve removal tool built into it.

I was impressed, so far.

So off I went to my local petrol station, took the plunge and unscrewed the valve, let all the air out and hoped everything would go back together after.

The bottle of Slime comes with a hose which fits onto the end of the bottle and then over the valve.

You park the car with the valve at around 5 or 7 o clock to the ground and simply squeeze the bottle to push the slime into the tyre.

This took around 2 minutes and did tire my hand out as there is a lot of squeezing involved.

Once it was done I screwed the internals back into the valve and pumped the tyre back up.

After 5 weeks I can report that the tyre no longer loses any air and that the Slime tyre sealant has had absolutely no effect on the balance of the wheel and tyre.

I have no idea how Slime works but what I can say is that it works and it has saved me hundreds of pounds.

Buy Slime in the USA from Amazon

Buy Slime in the UK & Europe from Amazon

Is it safe on high performance cars?

On the bottle it says you do not have to use the entire bottle on one tyre but if you intend on using your car at speeds over 100mph/160kph then you should use the entire bottle, so I used the whole bottle.

All in all I cannot recommend Slime tyre sealant highly enough.

It comes with all the tools you need to use the product (excluding the supply of pressurised air) and it does exactly what it says on the tin.

Even if you don’t have a problem with your tyres I would still fit it, the next time I fit new tyres to, Slime tyre sealant is going to be fitted immediately.

If you want to make sure your tyres keep their pressure then I believe Slime will do just that.

I have had a tyre go down a couple of times without realising, and to state the obvious, driving round on an underinflated tyre can seriously damage the tyre’s sidewall so Slime will stop this from happening (assuming the hole is less than 3mm in diameter).

If you have ever had a screw or a nail stuck in your tyre slime will keep the pressure in the tyre until you have a chance to get the tyre repaired and the beauty is Slime will even work with the traditional tyres repair solutions like the rubber inserts.

Tyre repair with rubber insert
Slime tyre sealant will work with traditional tyre repair methods


If you want to:

Keep tyre pressure even when tyre has a hole
Keep tyre pressure until you can repair tyre
Protect new tyres from deflating due to holes
Repair small holes in existing tyres
Repair slow punctures
Keep tyres pressures constant for maximum fuel economy and performance

then Slime tyre sealant is what you are looking for, new tyres or old, perfect tyres or tyres with holes, Slime tyre sealant will make and keep your tyres like new.

StrikeEngine recommended.

Buy Slime in the USA from Amazon

Buy Slime in the UK & Europe from Amazon

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