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Steve Hill Motorsport Lancer EVO X

Rallycross cars accelerate from 0-20 in around 1.9seconds

Typical power output is 550bhp with 2 litre turbo motor

Steve Hill Motorsport EVO X Rallycross car uses Proflex UK bespoke McPherson struts with massive 55mm diameter pistons

Wheel arches are modified to allow for greater suspension travel. Lip of arch raised 90mm on front and 80mm on rear arches

Steve Hill Motorsport EVO X Carbon Kevlar Bodywork

Because frontal impacts are common in rallycross the radiator, cooling fans, header tank and oil cooler moved to the boot of the EVO X

From the turbo back to the rear silencer the EVO X uses a 3.5inch exhaust system is used.

Internally a T45 roll cage is welded in and connects to the suspension turrets. SC solutions manufactured carbon kevlar matrix on carbon skeleton for the body panels

All glass windows in the car are replaced with Lexan

6 speed sequential gearbox, unique transfer box, propshaft ands drive shafts redesigned specifically for the car.

4G63 motor chosen as alloy block of 4B11 not known if it can withstand power levels required.

Engine uses Omega pistons, Arrow rods and crankshaft

Owen Developments bespoke Garrett turbo breathing through 45mm restrictor.

Custom inlet and exhaust camshafts, non MIVEC.

Power around 550bhp and 600lbs/ft of torque.

Steve Hill Motorsport EVO X Engine Bay

360x32mm front brake discs, 300x25mm brake discs on the rear clamped by Alcon calipers at the front and AP Racing calipers at the rear. Ferodo DS3000 brake pads

Pectel digital dash replaces the original EVO X instrumentation

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