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StrikeEngine TV – 2014.2.26



11 Facts About The Mazda RX-8 Every Petrolhead Should Know
by Car Throttle 301 views
Call yourself a petrolhead? Here are 11 facts we think you *should* know if you’re a diehard fan. How many did you get right…
Why does the McLaren P1 make a ‘Click’ when it starts? Start-up Sequence
by Shmee150 7,529 views
When you fire the McLaren P1 into action it makes a rather unusual ‘clicking’ noise before firing into life, why is that?…
Track Battles 2014: coming soon | evo TV
by EVOTV 3,229 views
Each Wednesday we will be giving you a new evo Track Battle starting 5th March. Don’t miss out hit that subscribe button!
Porsche 918 Spyder: Weissach Package
by Porsche 8,993 views
The 918 Spyder gains its technical advantage from the strict use of lightweight materials, right down to the smallest detail. With the Weissach Package our racing engineers have taken yet more technical measur…
“I think that’s why Kimi spun the Ferrari…”
by peterwindsor 301 views
Peter Windsor, now in Bahrain, talks to Caterham’s F1 rookie, Sweden’s Marcus Ericsson, about the torque of the new F1 engines (and why we’re even seeing drivers like Kimi losing the back end), throttle lag, braki…
2014 F1 cars – Smoking hot Stills
by Pole Position 808 views
Subscribe for more:…
Mike Tu Madre Racing K24 Coupe Interview
by iAmTaiBoogie 3,440 views
Mike Tu Madre Racing K24 Coupe Interview…
Turbo Chevy Silverado battles modified R35 GTR
by ThatRacingChannel 785 views
“Heavy Chevy”
2JZ turbo Supra struggles for grip
by Fullboost 4,320 views
Pro-Tek Automotive 2JZ turbo powered Toyota Supra features a forged engine, Garrett GT55 turbo, methanol fuel system through the factory IRS rear end. The car has previously run 8.3 at 166mph but had a few tract…
Ford XR6 turbo ~ NEXTME
by Fullboost 1,173 views
MC2 Automotive Ford Falcon XR6 turbo MKII hits the track for the first time. The GT40 boosted 4L Barra six is currently making over 750hp to the tyres through MT 275mm Street Radial tyres.…
Maztech 13B rotary turbo launch testing
by Fullboost 1,128 views
Great to see the Maztech Motorsports crew back out at Calder Park doing some burnout and launch testing. The 13B rotary has been entered in the upcoming Jamboree in Sydney on March 15th.…
Ontheroofs trailer
by raskalovit 5,495 views
Cause of gorgeous quality of questions – “how we get back from the tower ?”
We want to present you this trailer. Next trip is gonna be Japan and South Korea…
High speed ice cross POV – Red Bull Crashed Ice: Saint Paul
by Red Bull 301 views
Visit for more icy action!
Hold on tight as Claudio Caluori takes us on a high speed run down the official racecourse for Red Bull Cr…
Kirby Chambliss takes C.J Wilson on wild aerobatic flight!
by Red Bull 2,081 views
Get more high flying action here:
Two-time Red Bull Air Race world champion, Kirby Chambliss took Los Angeles Angels pitcher, C.J. Wils…
The ‘hidden millions’ in Turkey corruption scandal – Truthloader
by Truthloader 301 views
Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan has been accused of the theft of millions of dollars worth of money after a phonecall, allegedly between himself and his son Bilal was hacked and leaked. In the phonecall t…
Joe Rogan Experience #461 – David Seaman
by PowerfulJRE 9,662 views
David Seaman is a journalist and former Congressional candidate. He also hosts his own podcast called “The David Seaman Hour”
Bill Hicks – 20 Years Since His Death, Still Speaking The Truth – MOC #290
by LeeCamp2 5,733 views
Comedian Bill Hicks died 20 years ago today, and his words still cut through the crap to bring us the truth. His legend grows by the day. If you haven’t experienced his stuff before – learn what you’re missing.…

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