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The Driveshaft Shop – Manufacturer of Uprated Driveshafts & Propshafts

The Driveshaft Shop made their name making almost indestructible driveshafts for big power Hondas

The Driveshaft Shop has now broadened their product range and offer uprated driveshafts and propshafts for most popular performance tuners car available in the USA.

The latest product range from The Driveshaft Shop is their one-piece carbon propshafts.

The Driveshaft Shop carbon propshafts are around half the weight of OE propshafts which means more power is transmitted to the road rather that used to turn a heavy steel propshaft.

The Driveshaft Shop carbon propshafts also have replaceable joints which means big cost savings if the u-joints where ever to fail.

The Driveshaft Shop website is extremely clear, is easy to navigate and has lots of product information, including prices, photos and specs as well as information as to the specs The Driveshaft Shop needs to build you a custom driveshaft.

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