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The Greek Conspiracy Against Used Cars

The ongoing conspiracy against car ownership and the used car market in Greece is this time propagated by

This sentence sums up the article well

” The only solution is for the cars that the insurance companies describe as “Total Destruction” to be permanently deleted from the Ministry of Transport so that they do not return to traffic.  “

If the author of the article was familiar with the subject on which they are commenting, they would know that insurance companies can already class cars as “Total destruction” and such vehicles cannot be “returned to traffic”

In short, the article is saying there is a problem when there isn’t.

And what is the author’s solution to this non-existent problem?

” it may be time for the vehicles from “Total Destruction” to stop being sold”

In short their solution is to stop people from being able to purchase perfectly good used parts because the vehicle to which they were attached was labelled for “total destruction”

And to conclude the article the author completely destroys their own argument by acknowledging that laws already exist to control this “problem”

In fact, legal circles point out that: “The seller intentionally caused another decision to commit the unjust act he committed” (Article 46 of the Penal Code) by selling a damaged car for sale, even though he knew that there was no legal way to repair it.

So to summarise the article

The author has said there needs to be laws to stop “total destruction” cars being put back on the road and finishes off the article by saying there is already a law which stops “total destruction” vehicles from being put on the road.

In short this seems to me to be just another article trying to frighten people from purchasing used cars and used car parts in Greece.

The key propaganda points

-People need to be scared about buying used cars ie people should by new cars

-The market for perfectly good used parts from “total destruction” vehicles should be eliminated from the market ie people should not be able to save money by recycling car parts.

The “real” reality

Here is an article that neatly and professionally sums up the rules and regulations regarding the sale of accident damaged cars by insurance companies in Greece

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