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The Rotary Shop – Engine Builder, Fort Worth, Texas

The Rotary Shop is a specialist builder of Mazda rotary engines.

The Rotary Shop website is simple and to the point. It gives prices for rebuilding each of the rotary models that were released by Mazda on an installed or collected/mail order basis.

The Rotary Shop also offers all the usual servicing activities you would expect from your local garage, including routine service, clutch changes and electrics

The Rotary Shop has been in business in this location since 1979. We are
family owned and operated.  We offer fast friendly service and back our
work with a warranty. We are located on the West side of Fort Worth close
to Benbrook.  For directions you can goto the contact page.
We specialize in Mazda but work on 
ALL domestic and foreign vehicles.
We have been specializing in Mazda Rotary engines for over 32 years.

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2 thoughts on “The Rotary Shop – Engine Builder, Fort Worth, Texas

  1. I have a 2006 rx-8, with about 130,000 miles. A whine started 3 weeks ago when in gear. Later, another whine started when clutch was engaged. On Thursday, I detected a trembling in the clutch pedal. Within 48 hours the Clutch would stay on the floor and shifting could only be done without use of clutch. This car is driven daily, but only about 10 miles a day.


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