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Top 17 Coilovers Kits. KW vs Bilstein vs Sachs vs BC & more

In this video we look at arguably the top 17 coilover kit manufacturers in the world to see which is best.

To do the comparison we score the coilovers according to 11 key areas

Damper Type
Independent Bump/Rebound Adjustment
Independent High Speed & Low Speed Adjustment
Height Adjustment
Application List
Spring Options
Top Mounts
External Reservoir

The kits that we compared are below in the order of their scores, lowest scorer first

17. AST5100

Bring up the rear of the field is the AST 5100. The biggest minuses for this kit is the price, it is expensive for the features it has and the adjustability of the dampers are also limited

16. HKS HyperMax IV SP

Again, the HKS coilovers are marked down for their price. Very high compared to the other coilovers in the comparison test. The limited application list also scored against the HKS. These kits are available for a very small selection of cars

15. Cusco Zero 3S

Cusco has the same issues as the HKS ie expensive price tag and small application list

14. Nitron R1

Another expensive kit and the damping adjustment is not done independently.

13. Sachs

Again, another kit that scores lower down the list because the level of adjustment versus the price of the kit is not as good as the kits higher up in this list

12. Bilstein PSS10

Again Bilstein score down for price versus adjustability but Bilstein finishes higher in this list because the application list is large

11. Ohlins Road & Track

Ohlins is an expensive kit and the application list is small but the dampers do offer separate damping force for high and low speed bump although the high speed bump is not adjustable. Not a bad kit but there are better available in our opinion

10. Tein Super Racing

The TEIN edges out the Ohlins due to the weight of the unit

9. Moton Clubsport

Considering how expensive the Moton coilovers are versus the rest of the kits in this test, finishing in 9th place is a great result. But the price of the Moton is also the reason the kit did not finish higher up

8. Largus Spec RS

Not a well know manufacturer but their kits boast a huge range of adjustment but the application list is small

7. D2 Super Sport

Known as a budget coilover manufacturer but the Super Sport is their high end kit and the amount of features and the massive application list is what sees D2 finishing so high up

6. K-Sport Super Sport

Made at the same factory as the D2. K-Sport finishes higher up the rankings solely because the brand is used more in track day and time attack circles

5. Spax Trax Spax DA

Lightweight, independent bump and rebound and low cost sees Spax finishing in the Top 5.

Spax would be a contender for top honours, the reason the Spax does not finish higher is because these kits are custom made, they are not available as an off the shelf. Contact Spax to discuss what is available for your car

4. Eibach Pro Street Multi

Obviously the quality of the springs is a bonus, the dampers also have independent bump and rebound adjustment.

3. BC Racing ER Series

BC finished above Eibach because the BC application list is much larger, the range of height adjustment is much larger, spring seat adjustment vs bottom mount adjustment. BC coilovers are also supplied with top mounts

2. AVO Triple Adjustable

A surprise to have AVO scoring so far up. The reason AVO did not score more is down to the small application list. Only a small number of cars listed on their website but AVO can custom make kits for you like Spax. Again, contact AVO with your details to see what they can do for you.

AVO scores so well because bump and rebound are adjustable independently and high and low speed bump are adjustable independently of one another. This combined with the price see AVO finishing in second place

1.KW Variant 3

KW finish at the top because of their value. A tremendous range of features at a price which is probably a lot lower than people imagine.

KW Variant 3 have independent bump and rebound adjustment, the dampers also have a separate valve for high speed bump (which is not adjustable), the application list is large, the reputation of KW is second to none. Sure the KW do not have as many features as some of the other kits but the price and reputation more than make up for it, at least for cars which are also used on the road.

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