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trackday_insurance_informationTrack day insurance providers in the UK. The car insurance companies specialise in providing insurance for motorsport and track days

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Nowell Richards

Adrian Flux



Track Day Insurance Providers – Company Information


And types of insurance cover:
This is an accidental damage policy designed to cover your car if you have an accident on the track or another participant causes damage to your car. Track day insurance coverage is limited and do not follow all the requirements of the standard motor insurance.
Key features and benefits (what is covered):
External damage accident (eg impacts) for the car only when dealing with this piece of business days.
Damage by fire, but only if immediately after an accident (eg impact).
The cost of repairing the car or, if insurers decide, or pay the legal owner (the car should be subject to a lease or lease) an amount in full settlement. Any amount can not exceed the market value of the car at the time of the accident and all claims subject to an excess / deductible as shown in the detail circuit Insurance.When the car is insured for full market value, if the claim is settled as a total loss the insurers have the right to decide to keep the rescue. Insurers can choose any of these alternatives.

Significant and unusual Exclusions / Limitations:

Internal damage to engine or gearbox or transmission.
Mechanical, electrical or computer failure that has occurred.
Responsibility for other participants to third parties or passengers or property damage.
Competitive drive, (in other words, while racing or time trials or runs).
Consumables such as tires, oil, investments, etc.

Additional Expenses for the repair specialist paint and logos unless specifically agreed.
Shipping / Transport / cost recovery. (Note: insurance collection costs are available as an optional extension This option is available when making your payment online for the safety of vehicle damage.).
Labor costs exceed £ 50 per hour (including VAT).
Damage to the interior caused as a direct result of airbag deployment.
Loss or damage to the car while being driven by any person, other than those mentioned in the letter of confirmation of coverage.

Getting track day insurance can be tricky, especially for the Nurburging. The specialists on this page dedicate themselves to offering on track insurance, photo source:

Nowell Richards

Day Watch Insurance

Because of traffic rules in the UK today, athletics is the only way to make the most of the performance of your vehicle, but due to the increased cost of insurance many people track pieces without risk cover.

Insurance Coverage for Track Days

The floor phenomenon which is becoming more popular with regular events organized by various promoters and track owners clubs including the Porsche Club GB ATDO and other affiliated companies (Association of the organizers of the Day song).

Upon check your existing policy, you can find problems with most insurers refuse point-blank to offer any coverage.

Adrian Flux

In recent years Track Days have become more readily available and, therefore, more popular among car enthusiasts. Generally, organized track days very careful management and security is always the first priority, but travels around a track at high speed with other drivers around you, is never without risk.

On the track the car you will be asked to perform beyond normal limits, so that, compared with daily use, the risk of crashing and the potential severity of the conflict is so high. A typical insurance policy will cover you for use on the racetrack, and thus to protect the pride and pleasure, a special policy is required.


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