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Track Day Information from Wikipedia

A track day is an event in which audience members are allowed to drive or walk around racetracks established, or (but less common) on closed or disused airfields. Most race tracks around the world now provide this service, that any legal means or track prepared vehicle (car or motorcycle) can be used without speed limits (as if the race, although the practice of the actual race is almost entirely prohibited during these events) by members of the public. Criteria to be eligible to participate is usually holding a driving license for the vehicle in question, and the payment of a fee.

There are different formats for the procedure, but they generally consist of two or three groups that correspond to a level of experience of individuals and / or how they are fast (eg Novice / Intermediate / Advanced or beginner / experienced) . A group at a time and then take the track for the majority on track at some point move at similar speed, and there is usually time for a variable number of sessions throughout the event. Usually, participants use their own vehicles, but an increasing number of tracks and the organizers can provide rental vehicles, if necessary, while very often, additional equipment such as orientation instructor, tire sales and advice, and even sales and suspension set-up are available.

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Track days are often held in the form of running schools where the emphasis is on supporting skills of the subtleties of machine control and race craft, often under the tutelage of experienced runners old. Whatever the interpretation, track days are mainly all about having fun, whether by car or motorcycle, the emphasis is on fun in a controlled and adapted.

As vehicle performance (particularly with respect motorcycles) increases, the track day can be an invaluable way to improve the skills needed to master these machines or close to their full potential in relative safety. This is a common reaction of track day enthusiasts that helps to define the distinction between the massive road and track / driving style and, consequently, through improved levels of skills and attitudes can have a positive effect on road safety.

As the riders and drivers become safer with their abilities and environmental track they can develop into “Open-Pit Lane” events (more common with car track days rather than days cycling). These events happen with the size of groups and participants have unlimited access to the circuit throughout the event. This is usually controlled by an organizer by filling the event with fewer participants, but generally at a higher price with counseling instructors are usually available.

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