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Track Day Tyres – Whats Available (2018)

Because we found it difficult to find one source which showed most of the track day tyres available from the major tyre manufacturers we put together our own page.

The tyres listed here are suitable for use on track days and are towards the extreme end of performance tyres for the road.

BFGoodrich G-Force R1

BFGoodrich Dealers UK

BFGoodrich Dealers USA

BFGoodrich Dealers Australia

BFGoodrich Dealers New Zealand

BFGoodrich Dealers Germany

BFGoodrich Dealers Greece

Bridgestone RE555

Bridgestone UK

Bridgestone USA

Falken RT615K

Today’s sports cars, compacts and performance sedans are extremely versatile.  The tire they ride on has to be the same.  The new AZENIS RT-615K offers a world spec construction, featuring a new and improved motorsports-grade cap compound that effectively maintains grip as tire temperatures increase.  In addition, the special 8/32nd molded tread design reduces the new tire’s tread squirm while providing efficient mileage for street use. A solid center rib significantly reduces wheel spin by increasing the tire’s contact patch void ratio under heavy acceleration.  Understanding the tremendous demands the AZENIS RT-615K will experience, new proprietary casing design, bead apex and turn-up technology allow for the elimination of heavy steel construction, resulting in an 8% reduction in unsprung tire weight.

Falken UK

Falken USA

Federal FZ-201

A unique semi-slick shoulder area and enhanced R compound tread design makes FZ201 an ideal tire delivering road and race performance.


Federal Corporation makes no expressed or implied warranty as to the fitness or merchantability of Federal competition tyres due to the varied and severe conditions under which they operate and shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, consequential or special damages arising out of their use.

Even DOT approved or E-Mark approved Federal competition tyres are designed and compounded for competition use only and are not intended for highway or road use.

Federal 595 RS-R

Extreme Performance
Proven on the circuit, the 595RS-R is highly acclaimed and much demanded for drifting, sprinting and track-day applications. The sleek design and ultra high performance of the 595RS-R makes it the number one choice for those requiring a motorsport tire but with the assured standards of a street legal tire. Even DOT approved or E-Mark approved Federal competition tyres are designed and compounded for competition use only and are not intended for highway or road use.

1. Evenly dispersed block stiffness – same level of stiffness in the center and the shoulder for stronger grip and traction, prevents irregular wear.
2. Uni-Directional V-shaped main groove enhances streamline form and also improves aquaplaning ability at high speeds.
3. Wide angle grooves increase block stiffness, further enhancing tire’s grip and traction.
4. Engraved pattern name along the groove creates an exquisite product image.
5. Sub-grooves on the shoulder disperse block stiffness, improving ride comfort, grip and traction.
6. Complete block stiffness provides excellent lateral stability in cornering.
7. The 595RS-R is beefed up by reinforced steel on the sidewall to promote the sharpest high speed cornering and fastest lap improvement.

Federal UK

Federal USA

Hankook Ventus Z214

Symmetrically designed semi-slick tire with tread width longitudinal tread grooves for
outstanding performance on the circuit in dry or damp condition. (road legal with DOT number)

Hankook Ventus RS-3

With an aggressive pattern, this street performance tyre boasts a wider centre block and tread than the Ventus R-s2, providing greater traction and steering response on and off the track.

Hankook UK

Hankook USA

Hoosier R6

Hoosier USA

Kumho V710

Special Features

ARC compounding technology for superior traction and handling.

Two steel belts for excellent cornering and an updated compound that focuses on grip.

Minimum tread grooving (two circumferential grooves molded at 4/32”) for ultimate cornering power.

Asymmetric tread pattern for efficient water evacuation on damp surfaces.

Two durable nylon cap plies give high-speed stability and resistance to centrifugal forces.

High ply turn-up and additional nylon reinforcement provide stiff sidewall construction.

UTQG rating of 30 C/A.

Kumho UK

Kumho USA

Toyo R888

Proxes R888 was developed to deliver maximum dry handling and quick lap times for racing and track days.

With continuous centre tread and wide shoulders, Proxes R888 offers enhanced track driving.

Proxes R888 is an original equipment option for Renault Megane R26.R

Toyo R1-R

PROXES R1R’s advanced casing design provides excellent handling performance on both street and track. Our on track experience helped develop a high-grip compound that still achieves a 140 UTQG treadwear rating.

Our proprietary computer aided pattern design software allowed us the freedom to create its aggressive looks, excellent aquaplaning resistance while remaining quiet.

Toyo UK Rotation

Toyo USA Tire Club

Yokohama AD08

Every bit as sensational as the legendary Neova AD07, but now even faster, even more agile and even more responsive.

Fast Just Got Faster. Introducing the ADVAN Neova AD08…built for speed from the inside out to outperform its legendary predecessor, the ADVAN Neova AD07, known since 2006 as the “fastest street tire in the world.” The Neova AD08’s lap times average .587 seconds faster than the Neova AD07 and features superior advancements in four areas: dry grip, wet grip, ride comfort and noise level.

Yokohama A048

Yokohama UK Polley Motorsport

Yokohama USA 1010Tires

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