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Tuning Boxes – Why are they adjustable?

This is not what you are going to hear from the tuning box manufacturers.

The truth is, you dont need to adjust the settings on a tuning box (once you have found the optimum setting)

All these ECO, Sport, Race etc modes are not something you are going to use.

You install your tuning box, you use it with the factory settings for a few days and after that you can experiment with a higher setting for a few days and so on.

Keep increasing the setting like this until you get to the maximum setting on the box or until you get a check engine light.

If you get a check engine light, go back to the setting that worked normally

What do I mean by test?

Drive the car hard. Don’t pootle around town, after two days no check engine light and then increase the setting.

Drive the car hard, prolonged acceleration, extended periods of time at full throttle. Only when you have driven like this with no issues should you increase the setting.

What adjusting the settings don’t do

Get better fuel economy. From the point of view of using less revs over a journey equating to better fuel economy, the highest power setting will give the best power AND the best fuel economy.

Because with more power you can use less revs to travel at the same speed.

In short there is no reason to change the settings of your tuning box after you have found the maximum setting. It serves no purpose despite the claims of the tuning box manufacturers.

A tuning box is adjustable for 1 reason only, to fine tune the tuning box to your engine. Once you have done that you probably don’t need to change the settings ever again.

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