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Tuning Shops – California

I couldn't find a picture of the matting on an exhaust header so here it is on a turbo. Principle is the same, fast and easy to fit.

Links to Performance Part Shops and Tuners in California(CA) USA specialising in Japanese Cars.
Tuners carry out servicing, performance upgrades, repairs, performance part fitting, engine rebuilds with tuning shops supplying performance parts from manufacturer including Top Secret, MazdaSpeed, Nismo, Greddy, HKS for the Acura Integra, Subaru Impreza, Mitsubishi Eclipse, EVO, Mazda RX7, RX8, Protege, Honda Civic, Nissan Maxima, 350Z and Altima.

see also: Body Kit Manufacturers-Japanese Cars
Brake Manufacturers
Suspension Kit Manufacturers
Turbos and Superchargers

M Manufacturer of performance Parts.
S Shop/Dealer of Performance Parts.
T Tuner carrying out servicing, upgrades, part fitting and repairs.
F Offers fitting service


Everything G20 S (USA)
Jim Wolf Technology MS (El
Cajon, CA)
Stillen SM (Costa Mese, CA)


Racing Beat M
Mazdatrix S (Signal Hill, CA)
Shane Racing S (Brentwood, CA)
Tri Point Engineering TSF
(Canoga Park, CA)


HealToeAuto S (Mission Viejo, CA)
Comptech TMS (El Dorado Hills,
ProSpeed TFSM (Anaheim, CA)


SRM Performance T (San Rafael,


Syms M (Japan) Vivid Racing
Liberal M (Japan) Vivid
ESX Motorsports S (North
Hollywood LA)
Irvine Subaru SF (Irvine, CA)
Crawford Performance TFSM
(Oceanside, CA)


TRD Toyota Racing
 M Crown Toyota
TOMS M (Japan) Carson

General Japanese

Hyper Flow M xx tuning
Spoon Sports M OPAK
HKS M MechTech
Greddy/Trust M Stillen
Blitz MS Andys Autosport
Toda M D2Motorsports
ikeya M Hakurai
Mines M Bullet Proof
Top Secret M Bullet Proof
ModaCar S (Livemore, CA)
Performance Centre S (Irvine,
AutoBacs S (Stanton, CA
Sport Car Motion STF (Vista,
Exospeed S Glendale,

Company Details


Everything G20
Nissan Primera performance parts. The Nissan Primera is called the Infiniti G20 in the states. Everything G20 supplies performance engine parts such as Jim Wolf Technologies, uprated brake components with discs from Stillen and pads from Metal Matrix. Nismo Wheels and Tein Suspension.

if you’ve got a Nissan Primera, well worth a look but check the fitment of the parts before you order.

Jim Wolf Technology 
Nissan Engine tuning specialist. Every part for every Nissan engine? Maybe. Comprehensive list of HIGH performance parts for Nissans.

Stillen (Costa Mesa, California)
Nissan tuning specialist for performance parts. Also constructs performance parts such as lightweight flywheels and
exhaust systems


Racing Beat
Mazda Rotary specialist manufacturer and tuning products.


Rotary engine specialists stocking a range of wankel engine components. This company is based in the USA.

Shane Racing (Brentwood, California)
Mazda tuning specialist offering performance parts for Mazda RX7, RX8, MX5, Miata, Protege, Mazda3 and Mazda6

Tri Point Engineering (Canoga Park, California)
Mazda motorsport specialist carrying all preparation required for all forms of motorsport including drag racing, road racing, GT Racing and street cars. Service include suspension set up, fabrication, engine conversions, roll cage installation, engine set up, engineering services and in-house performance part design. Also sell parts for Protege, RX7, RX8, Mazda6, Mazda3, MX6 and MX3.


HealToeAuto (Mission Viejo, CA)
Honda Integra, Honda Civic and Acura tuning specialist offering performance parts for Honda tuning. Parts for B series engine, DC2, wiring harnesses, pistons, camshafts and JDM performance parts

Comptech (El Dorado Hills, California)
Honda tuning specialist constructing and developing brake upgrades and big brake kits, high pressure fuel pumps, ESM, springs, shock tower braces, tie bars, sway bars, supercharger kits for the S2000, Accord V6, RSX, NSX,  Honda Civic headers, high flow CAI lightweight flywheels and performance clutches.

ProSpeed (Anaheim, California)
Honda tuning specialist offering CNC ported heads  -CNC Ported Heads, Prospeed/Elite Headers, Ecu Upgrades,
Harness Adapters, Aluminum Pulleys, Forged Pistons, Ultralight Rods, Custom Head gaskets, Carbon Fiber Parts,
Clutches, Engine Mount Kits, Honda OEM/JDM, Hondata performance chips, Jun engine parts, Nuformz, Portflow, Skunk2, Engine Swaps, LS/Vtec Conversions, B16, B16A, B18C1, B18C5, H22A, H23A, Type R and F22 engine conversions, Clutch Installs/Trans Rebuilds, Engine Rebuilds, General Engine tuning information


SRM Performance (San Rafael, CA)
Mitsubishi tuning specialist carrying out servicing, performance part fitting and dyno tuning and rolling road testing.


Full tuning programs for Subaru legacy, impreza and forester, includes suspension, exhausts, clutches, quickshifts.
Japanese based company

Styling, exhausts interior and exterior accessories for Subaru Forrester, Legacy and Subaru Impreza.

ESX Motorsports
Speed shop/subaru impreza performance part dealer offering online ordering.

Irvine Subaru (Irvine, California)
Authorised dealer of Subaru cars offering Subaru tuning parts and performance part fitting.

Crawford Performance (Oceanside, California)
Subaru Impreza tuner offering engine tuning, performance upgrades and performance engines built to customer spec or as part of a crawford performance tuning package. Offer gas flowed cylinder heads, short engines, sti turbo kits and wrx turbo kits using garrett turbochargers and stroker engines. A one stop shop for impreza power.


TRD Toyota Racing Development 

Complete performance part range for Toyota cars

General Japanese. These companies make performance car parts for a variety of Japanese manufacturers

Hyper Flow

Intercooler Specialists. R33, 180sx, 200sx, Legacy, Impreza, evo, Supra, RX7

Japanese manufacturer of high performance components and engines. You name it, they make it. Easy to navigate with comprehensive details on their products.

Spoon Sports

Japanese manufacturer of a range of high performance engine parts and electronics.

Japanese manufacture of turbo kits and all other performance parts including suspension, exhausts and intakes.

The North American site for Blitz.

Japanese performance car part manufacturer founded to serve the Japanese motorsport industry with engine building services and has expanded into the street market. Specialises in Nissan, Mitsubishi, Subaru, Toyota, Honda and Mazda.

motorsport parts for rx7, s13, s14, s15, r32, r33, ae86, ae101. Performance car parts included comprehensive suspension components and lightweight acrylic windows

Top Secret
Legendary japanese tuner supplying body kits, suspension and engine components

Performance Centre (Irvine California)
Online dealer of performance parts. Online shop has search by vehicle facility.

Super Autobacs
Major Japanese performance speed shop expanding into the USA offering high performance parts from major Japanese manufacturers such as TOMs, HKS, Apexi, Mugen, Veilside and many more.


Sport Car Motion (Vista, California)
Japanese car tuning specialist offering performance parts from major Japanese performance part manufacturers. Also supplies new engine to customer spec and B16 engine conversions for Honda Civic and SR20DET conversion for the 240sx, site has the online price for most products and services.

Exospeed (Glendale, California)
A premier race engine building facility specializing in Honda, Acura, Mitsubishi,  Nissan and Toyota engines.  Whether it is drag, autocross or road racing, Exospeed Race Engines can  help you design the proper engine for your vehicle.  The company currently campaigns several race  cars on U.S. drag racing circuits in the PRO and Sportman classes.  Exospeed is also known as  Exospeed Racing Products, which provides a great list of choices for suspension, engine, safety and  aesthetic upgrades.  They build and ship engines and parts all over the world.

Find performance parts on ebay

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