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UK Insurance Company Disciminates – Which? Magazine

Which? magazine is accusing Admiral car insurance of acting in break of the Race Relations Act.

Apparently Admiral insurance asks people if they were born in the UK and if they were not, they allegedly charge extra.

Which? magazine says this is illegal and that car insurance should be treated the same as any other product.

At StrikeEngine we believe the insurance companies should be allowed to charge however they want for car insurance.

This activity is not a new thing by car insurance companies ie treating people differently according to where they live.

Which? has said it will hand the details of it’s finding on to the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC).

I assume the EHRC is a government body. If they take on this case and take the side of Which? magazine what will be next?

Perhaps the government will outlaw insurance companies from discriminating based on where people live or perhaps discriminating against people who are not married.

Really the whole issue opens a can of worms.

There is no reason that we can see why Admiral’s activity should be outlawed. It is the way they want to carry out their business.

If there was some sort of cartel in the car insurance industry where all insurers were asking the same question and charging extra then there would be a problem but at the moment Admiral are the only insurer that asks the question as to whether the driver was born in the UK and if their strategy was taken on by more and more insurance companies until it reached the stage where there was a genuine problem, new insurance companies would open specialising in offering insurance to people not born in the UK.

That is the beauty of the free market.

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