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Universal TWIN Disc Clutch Kit – *GAME CHANGER*

Motive Video have just done a video on a new universal twin disc clutch kit, from UniClutch, which is an alternative to model specific sports clutches and race clutches.

The key to this universal clutch is the mounting solution.

The “UniClutch” bolts to your existing flywheel but the UniClutch is a universal clutch which comes with a fitting kit which is vehicle specific.

The UniClutch is a sealed unit and a multi plate clutch which has it’s own flywheel in the clutch pack.

Order the fitting kit for your car and bolt the UniClutch to your flywheel. Job done.

Frankly, the solution seems so simple it’s hard to believe it has not been done before.

What about the cost?

The “basic” twin disc clutch for an 8V S3, holds 550lbs/ft and costs around 747 AUD. Fitting kit is around 200 AUD (Depending on car)

In comparison a Sachs Performance clutch kit (400lbs/ft capacity) for the same car is over 700 EURO.

Xtreme clutch kit for the same car, trq capacity 440lbs/ft is 1400 AUD (including the flywheel). Lets call is 900 without the flywheel.

Xtreme clutch kit with 737 lbs/ft capacity is a whopping 2700 AUD

The 650lbs/ft UniClutch is 847USD……

Sounds Great But….

But if you are just looking for a standard replacement it makes less sense. You can find Sachs for less than 300 Euro.

Potential Reservations

I’m not a mechanical engineer so take this with as much salt as you need.

The potential issue I see, is the way the UniClutch is mounted to the flywheel.

If I am understanding the UniClutch technology correctly, their clutch unit is attached to the car’s stock flywheel solely by the vehicle specific adapter ring. The surface of the car’s stock flywheel is not mated to the UniClutch in anyway. If I am understanding it correctly.

My reservation being….

Can you put that much torque through that outer ring on the flywheel reliably?

The car’s stock flywheel uses it’s entire friction surface to transmit torque from the clutch to the crank. The amount of material connecting the UniClutch to the flywheel is MASSIVELY less.

Factor in, there may be spacers distancing the ring from the stock flywheel and the situation looks, to me, more precarious.

I guess there is nothing to worry about because UniClutch is selling these clutches.

I’m just surprised that the mating method between their clutch and the car’s stock flywheel is strong enough to take so much torque.

Universal Clutch Twin Disc – Summary

If you are in the market for a clutch that can hold between 550 and 650 lbs/ft (and perhaps up to 980 lbs/ft when the Race version is released), the UniClutch could well be the most cost-effective solution. By some distance.

If you want a standard replacement clutch, there are cheaper options.

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