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Unorthodox Racing – Lightweight Pulleys

Unorthodox were one of the original companies manufacturing lightweight pulleys.

Lightweight pulleys reduce the rotating engine mass in the engine and free up power. The energy that was previously used to spin up the heavy OE pulleys can be used to push the car forward when a lighter pulley is used instead.

Unorthodox pulleys make a huge range of pulleys for most cars on the market today.

The pulleys available include crank pulleys, power steering pulleys, alternator pulleys and possibly a/c pulleys.

Unorthodox pulleys are much lighter and can free up as much as 8bhp if they are fitted as a set.

The power gains realised from lighter pulleys will be negated as the speed of the vehicle increases.

At low-speed, weight and inertia are the biggest restrictions on acceleration performance. As speed increases wind resistance becomes the major factor limiting speed and lightweight pulleys do not effect the drag of the car in any way.

All UR products are designed and manufactured here in the U.S. using only the latest CAD software and development tools. We use only the finest U.S. produced materials available today. Our manufacturing processes follow strict quality control measures from material selection to machine equipment and tooling.

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