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VR6 1.8T Clutch Upgrade – Sachs Part Numbers/Codes

Sachs 1.8T VR6 clutch upgrade. The clutch disc.

The article details the Sachs part numbers you need for the 1.8T clutch upgrade which uses the VR6 clutch kit and G60 flywheel. This guide will not include the flywheel bolt codes that you need (sorry).

Sachs 1.8T Clutch Upgrade – 300lbs/ft

Generally it’s accepted that the Sachs VR6 clutch kit will hold around 300lbs/ft.

However, there are a few clutch kit options from Sachs for the VR6. Which one has the highest torque rating and what are the differences between the kits?


Unfortunately, I can’t help on the torque rating of each kit. Personally I have used the 300 384 001 kit on the Octavia VRS project which is supposed to be making around 300 BHP and so far, no issues, but the car driven sympathetically, no standing starts.


The table below gives the code of each Sachs VR6 clutch kit along with the codes of the clutch discs, cover plate/pressure plate and release bearing that make up each kit.

VR6 Clutch Kit CodeClutch Disc CodeCover Plate CodeBearing Code
3000 384 001 (older code but the one to get apparently)1862 393 0313082 634 0313151 000 388
3000 951 7081878 004 0843082 231 0313151 000 388
3000 951 608 (current code at time of writing)1878 634 1843082 634 0313151 000 388
3000 384 002 (very old code)1862 464 0313082 231 0313151 180 231

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