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Wales vs Georgia Quick Analysis – World Cup 2019

Physicality speaking, not a lot in the two teams. The chasm in points coming from creativity rather than brute force.

The second half was a problem for Wales. Call it tired legs if you want but the All Blacks won’t care.

Wales have to keep up the tempo throughout the whole game, Wales have always been strong starting team but the stamina to keep the level high is not on the level of teams like New Zealand.

Georgia brought down the deficit and it was solely down to weak tackling. Welsh players making contact and leaving the ball carrier standing to make a pass. This will be punished by the All Blacks.

The key to any good rugby team is the strength of the tackling, the damage that can be done to the ball carrier on that first contact, a gradual decline in the ferocity of tackling through the game will not get Wales a World Cup.

Thankfully Georgia’s tackling strength in the second half declined even more than Wales giving us some fantastically entertaining tries.

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