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Front Mount Intercooler WRX – The Options

A WRX front mount intercooler can be massively bigger than a stock location intercooler. The companies below make front mount and top mount WRX intercoolers. Here are the key features of each kit along with the size of intercooler they use.

Front Mount Intercooler WRX – Japan

The Blitz WRX front mount intercooler are usually special order. They are available for the GD and GC chassis. As with HKS, Blitz supply every conceivable accessory needed to fit the kit. Blitz intercooler cores can use louvered fins for maximum cooling power.

Core size 610mm x 266mm x 68mm

The Greddy Trust WRX front mount intercooler is available for the GD chassis WRX.

Greddy state the the front bumper bar and the front bumper will need to be cut to fit the intercooler. They also state the the OEM fog lights cannot be fitted with this intercooler kit.

Core size 600mm x 248mm x 66mm

HKS make WRX front mount intercooler kits which use a simply massive intercooler core. Available for GD and GR Impreza. Being HKS these kits will come with every possible accessory you need to install the kit. Not the cheapest but you are getting HKS quality. HKS note that the front bumper bar will need to be modified to fit the core and the kits may need to use a HKS Racing Suction Kit.

HKS intercooler cores use louvered and thin fins for maximum cooling and minimum pressure loss.

Core Size 600mm x 244mm x 65mm

Front Mount Intercooler WRX – UK

Docking Engineering, Silverstone, Northants, UK

If you need the best and money is no object Docking can manufacturer an intercooler in any configuration you can imagine. Made to order according to your specs.


GC8 front mount intercooler upgrade kit including alloy hard pipes, silicone hoses and mounting accessories. The Autobahn88 intercooler kit is considerably cheaper than the TurboXS front mount.

UK company supplying Asian made parts. Their WRX intercooler is supplied with most accessories needed.


Cobb Tuning
Cobb have a massive range of WRX top mount and front mount intercooler kits. The kits look to be complete with all the accessories you will need to install.

Core Size (GD Front Mount) 762mm x 262.5mm x 89mm

A range of top and front mount intercooler kits for GD and GR chassis. No details on the intercooler technology used.

Core Size 685mm x 280mm x 101mm

Turbo XS
Turbo XS claim their WRX front mount intercooler is 3.3 times the size of the factory top mount intercooler. The Turbo XS kit comes with all hard pipes and silicone hoses needed. Because of the size of the intercooler and all the piping that is needed the TurboXS front mount intercooler is much more expensive than a regular top mount.

Spearco by Turbonetics
Spearco claim their WRX intercooler is the largest on the market. It uses the standard mounting points and hoses and can be installed with hand tools.

Upgraded top mount intercooler. The Wagner WRX intercooler sits in the stock position but has a much larger core. It is supplied with all accessories required.

More Mods

Spraying an intercooler with water can further increase the cooling effect. We have done an article here detailing the hard parts you need to make your own.

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