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Young Driver Training

Young Driver Training – Young Driver Accident Analysis

Young drivers, especially males, have relatively more accidents than other drivers. Young driver accidents also have somewhat different characteristics to those of other drivers; they include single vehicle accidents involving loss of control; excess speed for conditions; accidents during darkness; accidents on single carriageway rural roads; and accidents while making cross-flow turns (i.e. turning right in the UK, equivalent to a left turn in the US and continental Europe).

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UK Young Driver Insurance Specialists

Young Driver Training – Young Driver Accident Analysis

A sample of over 3000 accident cases was considered from midland British police forces, involving drivers aged 17–25 years, and covering a two year period. Four types of accident were analysed: right-turns; rear-end shunts; loss of control on curves; and accidents in darkness. Loss of control on curves and accidents in darkness were found to be a particular problem for younger drivers. It was found that cross-flow turn accidents showed the quickest improvement with increasing driver experience, whereas accidents occurring in darkness with no street lighting showed the slowest rate of improvement. ‘Time of day’ analyses suggested that the problems of accidents in darkness are not a matter of visibility, but a consequence of the way young drivers use the roads at night. There appears to be a large number of accidents associated with voluntary risk-taking behaviours of young drivers in ‘recreational’ driving. – Science Direct – Analysis on Young Driver Accidents – Click here for the full article

Young Driver Training – Young Driver Accident Analysis

Some Horrendous Accident Photos

Nobody is trying to talk down to you, here, but click on the image and let us show you why adults can get so wound up about young people driving too fast or a newly-qualified youngster taking a group of friends as passengers (both situations being potentially very dangerous).________________________________ 

In the two pictures thumb-nailed below, a BMW driven by a nineteen-year-old man, with four teen & ‘twenties’ passengers, was travelling so fast it launched over the safety barriers in the middle of the road and hit an oncoming Land Rover Freelander. All five in the BMW were killed. Three people, including a two-year-old boy, were killed in the Freelander, and at the time of writing, one adult is still in hospital in serious condition.

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The full story of this dreadful and pointless carnage is on our international ‘Road Safety In The News’ web page, listed under May 18, 2004. –

Young Driver/New Driver Facts (UK)

Passing the driving test opens up a whole new world of freedom and independence.

But new drivers should remember that they are ‘on probation’ for the first 2 years. If they get 6 penalty points in this time, they lose their license and can only get it back if they pass a re-test.

Statistics show that drivers are most at risk of having an accident in the first 2 years or so after they pass their test. One in five newly qualified drivers has a crash of some description within a year.

More young drivers killed
Around 16 per cent more drivers aged 16-19 are killed now compared with 15 years ago. more information from – THINK!

Young Driver/New Driver Training (UK)

Pass Plus

The aim of the Pass Plus is to reduce the cost of insurance for young drivers and new drivers by reducing the likelihood of them being involved in a road traffic accident (RTA).

Statistics show that new drivers and especially new drivers

To start the Pass Plus scheme you need to find an Approved Driving Instructor. This instructor will take you through 6 training modules which include what to look for and what to think about when driving in towns, in different weather conditions, at night, on dual carriageways and on motorways.

The time it takes to pass the Pass Plus depends on where you are located and your instructor and the fees will also depend on the instructor and your location. In any case it will take at least 6 hours to pass.

As a new driver and/or young driver who has successfully passed the Pass Plus course you can expect insurance discounts from a wide variety if insurance companies, including some of the companies that are listed on StrikeEngine. Check out ourhigh performance car insurance brokers and specialist young driver insurance brokers pages to find insurance companies that can offer discounts to Pass Plus certificate holders.

If you would like general information about car insurance in the UK see our car insurance information page which covers the basics of what to ask for and what to look for when getting insurance for your car


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