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Mallory Park’s Future – Noise Complaints – The Obvious Solution No One Has Thought Of

Piston Heads has an article which detailed the possibility of Mallory Park closing due to the strict noise regulations. The answer to this problem seems obvious.

Mallory Park's Future - Noise Complaints From Local Residents. The obvious solution that benefits all concerned.

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Is this guy the smoothest bike rider on the planet? – Nordschleife @ 99% Attack

Caught sight of this video after looking for something completely different.

This guy sets a 7 10 lap, bridge to gantry and let me tell you, that looks like it took commitment.

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Fastest Race Track In Europe, Sitges, Disused – We love this sort of stuff, Videos, Photos

Is Autódromo de Sitges-Terramar really the fastest race track in Europe? No, I had never heard of it either but it was an absolute revelation.

Maybe the headline is a bit misleading, Ken Block did his Gymkhana 3 at Autodrome de Linas-Montlhéry which was nice Continue reading

Track Day Information from Wikipedia

A track day is an event in which audience members are allowed to drive or walk around racetracks established, or (but less common) on closed or disused airfields. Most race tracks around the world now provide this service, that any legal means or track prepared vehicle (car or motorcycle) can be used without speed limits (as if the race, although the Continue reading


Track Day Insurance Information


And types of insurance cover:
This is an accidental damage policy designed to cover your car if you have an accident on the track or another participant causes damage to your car. Track day insurance coverage is limited and do not follow all the requirements of the standard motor insurance.
Key features and benefits (what is covered):
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Higgins Impreza STI Isle of Man

I heard of the incident from EVO Magazine.

Apparently Subaru of America were trying to set a new lap record of the TT circuit in a road car as a promotional event and Road & Track magazine were there to cover the action.

Slightly more action than they were probably expecting as it turns out, although the journo in the passenger seat was an ice man in the face of almost certain injury.

Looking at the video you realise how lucky Higgins was, very rarely do moments that get this big have a happy ending.

Even recoveries usually involve some sort of contact with the scenery to stabilise the tank slapper and make no mistake, this was the mother of all tank slappers, not only due to the difference in the angle between to movement of the car and the direction the car was pointing, not only for the speed (which was impressive) but also for the environment in which the incident happened, the type of scenery which can be described as extremely hostile to cars leaving the road at 130mph plus.

As Higgins himself points out, even he doesn’t know how he managed to save it but like all great rally drivers, he never gave up on the situation and kept fighting and would have kept fighting right to the end of the accident.

Fortunately his fighting to save the car was succesful in avoiding a potential lethal accident at worst and a very second hand STI at best.

Unintentionally Subaru North America came away with an even bigger story than they were planning because the Road & track video has now been viewed over 700,000 times at the time of writing.

And yes, the STI did manage to break the lap record of the TT course.