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Get Visitors To Your Business’s Website With & Google

You can advertise your business on Google in one simple step.

Simply select the options you would like from the fields below and we will set up an ad campaign for your business within 24hours. employs Google Certified Professionals to make sure you are getting the best return on your investment.

StrikeEngine is different from other agencies offering advertising on Google.

Here is an example showing where your business will appear on Google search results. We will customise your ad campaign so it only appears on search results directly related to your business. In this example shows “bmw dealers surrey”

1. We do not work a monthly basis.

You allocate the budget, we select the most appropriate search terms for you business and people searching on Google do the rest.

We believe it is inefficient to simply throw money at Adwords. There is no way to know how many qualified customers will be searching Google each month which is why we believe is it incorrect to ask you to pay a set amount each month.

We send qualified visitors to your site only. Depending on your budget it may run out in a week, it may last months, our top priority is to only send qualified visitors to your website, however long it takes.

Returns are more important than clicks! We believe what is best for you is best for us. It is not about getting you to spend your money with StrikeEngine. It is about getting you the maximum return on your investment, if we do this, we believe you will use our services again & again.

2. Focus.

We will not use broad search terms for your business simply to get visitors going to your site. We want you to get the greatest return on your investment and this means targeting people who search for specific products and services related to your business.

This also means only having your ads appearing in front of people who are either searching for products and/or service in your area or the area you service.

3. Specialism. is an automotive specialist. This means our staff are experienced with helping companies serving the automotive after-market. We believe we are the most qualified Adwords Professionals in the world when it comes to getting you the maximum return on your investment.

We have in-depth knowledge of the after-market automotive industry and we understand your business.

To get your business ads on Google simply select the package you would like from the option below and StrikeEngine will do the rest.

Pay with PayPal or any major credit or debit card

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