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StrikeEngine are Google Certified Adwords Professionals. If you have car parts related business and you want to get more qualified traffic to your site we can help. Unlike other business that might have called you before, we do not ask for a set monthly amount. We believe this strategy is not going to get you the best return on your investment.

This is how we work to get you the best return on your Adwords spend.

Your business advertised on Google. Choose from 3 packages to get your business on Google in one easy step with

We look at your website to find out what areas your business serves and also what products or services your business offers. When we have identified these 2 things we will come up with a list of keywords which will suit your business and customise these keywords so they only appear to people who are in the area you serve. This way you get qualified visitors from Google Adwords and only people who are in the area you serve.

Pricing – How we charge for Google Adwords advertising

We charge on a price per click basis, for the keywords we have chosen. You pay us to get a certain number of clicks. This is the reason we don’t ask for a set monthly spend. For a start every business is different. Some businesses offer more products and services over a wider area than others, meaning some companies will have a higher monthly spend than others. For this reason we charge you for a amount of clicks. These clicks could take a week to get, they could take a month to get. How long it takes does not matter, the key thing is that every single click you pay for is a genuine potential customer, and not simply a visitor an Adwords agency has sent you simply to get your account to use up X amount of pounds in a month.

Unparalleled Knowledge

We believe we are the best qualified Adwords professionals in the world when it comes to driving qualified traffic to car part and car service related businesses. If you are looking to advertise on Google with a business that understands your business, get started today with StrikeEngine. Its simple and its fast with no minimum contract.

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