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EVO Tuning/Impreza Tuning – The Movie – Dynoflash Part 1

Too far ahead of its time. An EVO and STI tuning specialist making daily YouTube VLOGS at the peak of the EVO vs STI battle.

One of the most entertaining and informative YouTube channels, DynoFlash takes you on the day in the life tour of a EVO & Impreza STI tuning specialist in Connecticut USA

The is part 1 in a series of playlists from the DynoFlash YouTube Channel – 35 Video, Duration 3hrs 37mins – StrikeEngine TV

Video TitleOrderDuration
My Tuning Day @ Schuster Racing ! – YouTube Video110:07
A day at the office part II – YouTube Video25:58
955 Whp on Dyno Jet At ICS – YouTube Video32:51
ICS Dyno Day – YouTube Video44:45
15th Annual DSM Shootout – pre race dynos – YouTube Video54:27
15th Dsm Shootout prep day # 2 – Dyno Tuning – YouTube Video65:01
DSM Shootout Dyno Day and Shop Meet – YouTube Video79:10
968 WHP! With Dyno Flash Evo 8 – YouTube Video85:11
Maxing out the stock inectors on a Evo Green – YouTube Video96:23
Impreza 2.5 RS with Turbo Kit wring problems – YouTube Video104:38
Two 500 whp Evo 8’s on the Dyno – YouTube Video114:05
On the Road and Dyno with the Dyno Flash STI – YouTube Video127:52
521 WHP on Pump Gas with Aquamist on Evo 8 – YouTube Video136:26
Video Tour of ICS Performance – Turbo Power! – YouTube Video1410:03
Dyno Flash STI on the dyno and racing – YouTube Video154:36
Dyno Flash tuning in New Orleans – YouTube Video162:07
Aquamist Guage in Action ! – YouTube Video176:07
’06 WRX 20G Aquamist 417 Whp Pump Gas – YouTube Video188:39
Tuning Aquamist on a Stage I Evo IX – YouTube Video194:39
’07 STI Stage II with Alcohol Injection vs Porsche T… – YouTube Video204:35
Dyno Flash STI test drive and ICS Tour – YouTube Video215:54
Tym’s GT35 R Stock Ecu Evo 8 – YouTube Video222:57
545 WHP 576 TQ ! Dyno Flash STI – YouTube Video236:12
Dyno Flash STI 545 WHP Road Test – YouTube Video247:04
Dyno Flash STI gets thrown OFF track 11.33 @ 122.93 ! – YouTube Video259:49
Dyno Flash STI Makes 561 WHP ! – YouTube Video265:44
Testing and Tuning – Dyno Flash STI – header testing – YouTube Video278:21
Testing the No Lift Shift on the DYNO with frieballs – YouTube Video286:01
Testing the Lanch Control for the STI – YouTube Video294:45
El Salvador Subaru Adventue – YouTube Video309:50
Big Al hits the road circuit in El Salvador in a GT… – YouTube Video316:50
Gt3076 ATP Evo VIII on road course in El Salvador – YouTube Video325:44
Wrx vs Evo Championship of El Salvador – YouTube Video338:40
’07 STI – SR56 Turbo, TMIC, Aquamist – AP2 – YouTube Video344:42
’07 Sti with FP Green, FMIC pump gas with Aquamist – YouTube Video357:19

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