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EVO Tuning/Impreza Tuning – The Movie – Dynoflash Part 2

One of the most entertaining and informative YouTube channels, DynoFlash takes you on the day in the life tour of a EVO & Impreza STI tuning specialist in Connecticut USA

The is part 2 in a series of playlists from the DynoFlash YouTube Channel – 28 Videos, 3hrs 53mins – StrikeEngine TV
Video TitleOrderDuration
ICS ’07 STI Makes 445 WHP on Pump Gas with headers – YouTube Video15:55
700 WHP Pump Gas M3 – YouTube Video29:19
501 WHP Pump Gas Evo IX with BR 3065 – YouTube Video39:59
Small Turbo Supra vs. ’08 997 Porsche Turbo – YouTube Video49:48
Supra Driving lessons and tuning a stock turbo ’07 STI – YouTube Video58:42
468 TQ and 418 WHP Stock Turbo Evo IX on Pump and Meth – YouTube Video69:47
Suman’s GT3065 Stage IV Evo IX ! – YouTube Video79:19
Wrenching on the Dyno Flash Evo on a Friday Night ! – YouTube Video86:15
Monster TQ Stock turbo ’07 STI with Aquamist – YouTube Video99:34
’08 WRX Stock vs Stage II Dyno Tuned – YouTube Video109:51
’05 STI with FP Green Aquamist Ecutek Tuned – YouTube Video118:21
Big Al’s School of how to own a 500 whp Evo – Lesson… – YouTube Video125:44
ICS Project ’08 STI – build up part 1 – YouTube Video138:36
’08 ICS STI Project build up Part 2 – YouTube Video145:58
Testing Johnny Broadway’s FP Green 450 WHP ’05 STI – YouTube Video1510:00
First Drive in our Evo X – YouTube Video169:48
’08 Project STI on the dyno 435 TQ 425 WHP – YouTube Video175:45
My 2nd drive in the Evo X – YouTube Video184:00
Another Saturday night on the dyno with Project ’08 STI – YouTube Video197:39
Sharkbite 2000’s EVO IX on the ICS Dyno – YouTube Video2010:10
Evo Miz’s Evo 8 makes 577 on the stock engine – YouTube Video219:44
618 WHP PUMP GAS Evo 8 – Buschur Bad Bish on the Dyno – YouTube Video229:25
George from ICS beats Mike1023 – YouTube Video238:06
Sharkebite2000 on the dyno with race gas – YouTube Video249:52
Skarkbite2000 vs. Bad Bish – YouTube Video259:59
Big Al’s Evo Runs Again – YouTube Video263:46
Blacks Bad Bish vs Sharkbite (remixed) – YouTube Video279:19
Talking Trash with Sharkbite’s car back in action – YouTube Video288:40

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