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Racing Helmets – Racing Driver Helmets







Racing Helmets – Racing Driver Helmets

If you’re looking for a new racing helmet, you might be asking yourself: These days can there really be that much difference between one brand and another? And if so, haven’t any differences that do exist become pretty slim?

The answers are Yes. And No.

The simple truth is, while there are indeed a lot of helmets out there, there is still only one Arai.

Our name and reputation have been forged over time, the hard way. Which means we haven’t devoted three generations of the Arai family to the singular goal of no-holds-barred excellence just to turn out helmets like everybody else’s.

Arai alone has the experience, the quality, and the trust that truly set us apart. (If the others are the same as us, why would they copy so many Arai innovations?) In fact, we don’t know of any other driver helmet company that can match any of the Arai facts we’re going to tell you here. Not just one other helmet company – any of them. (Doesn’t sound like much like much of an argument for “sameness,” does it?)

But you can decide that for yourself here and now.

BELL Racing Europe’s Headquarter for Europe, Asia and Africa – Show room, offices, Racing & Painting Service and distribution – operates from a facility located in Saintes (Tubize), near Brussels (Belgium).
BELL Helmets was formed over 45 years ago.

Bell has pioneered an outstanding number of innovations, such as the first racing driver helmet combining an inner foam liner with an outer composite shell, the first full face helmet, the first adjustable ventilation systems, the first aerodynamic helmets, the first fog free shields, and the list is very long?

Today, Bell Racing Europe helmets represent safety, quality, advanced design and technology and stand for excellence. From Formula One to karting, from GT racing to Rally, our research development team cooperates with the best racers in the World.


Aria GP6 RC Helmet

Lico was founded on 1992.
In only 12 years becomes the best known brand and market leader in Latin-America.

Lico’s Core Business is in racing safety equipment for drivers and cars.

Non 2004 becomes part of Sparco Group merging its operations with Sparco Latin America making Sparco Group the worldwide leader in its sector.

Lico lands officially in Europe as trademark of Sparco Group with a dedicated – made in Brazil range – distributed through exclusive local distributors.

Safety, quality, value and customer service are the key positioning profile of Lico.

Lico has in Latin America a partnership with the most important car manufacturers and official teams as Mitsubishi Motors, Peugeot Sport and Fiat.

OMP racing helmets, the most advanced materials, reduced weight and extensively researched design are the key attributes that characterize the new line of OMP helmets. Available in the following designs: open face, full face for closed cockpit/touring cars, full face for formula cars and karting. Versions are also available with built-in communication system components and/or HANS® device clips pre-installed. A complete line of helmet accessories is also available.

A complete range of track and kart-specific full-face driver helmets.
They are the result of a research and development process at the highest levels. In these products, Sparco has incorporated 25 years of experience on the racing tracks, from F.1 to Karting. After assessing the suggestions, demands and requirements of professional drivers, we have engineered them, transformed them into mathematical models, analysed them and created state-of-the-art products. These have been extensively tested and fine-tuned in the wind tunnel at the FIA-approved Research Centre. A project that has been run for some years and that is continuously developing in order to offer drivers an unequalled range of helmets at the highest level in terms of both technical features and safety.

Stilo was born in 1999 out of the will of Ludovico Fassitelli and his wife Elena Perini to create a specialised firm dedicated to competition products. Using the experience gained from more than 15 years of motorsport, Ludovico – a former Italian Rally Champion – eventually came up with a series of products that are specifically designed to fulfil the precise needs of drivers and co-drivers.
The single most important factor for them is the intercom and after this the racing helmet was designed around it.

Following this guideline the Stilo WRC helmet was created: the first helmet to be totally designed around its intercom.
Another goal which was rapidly achieved was the design and production of Stilo’s own complete range of professional intercoms. These still stand out for their ability to blank out background noise, but more so for their excellent sound clarity and the quality components from which they are manufactured.
Military specification components were vital in order to ensure 100% reliability of our racing driver helmets and to meet the demands of the toughest of motorsport environments.

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