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Montoya Daytona Jet Fuel Crash – Mr Excitement Does Not Disappoint

Wherever Montoya goes, there is always an element of unpredictability and this incident is no different.

Whether is was his fiery latin temperament that drew him to the most flammable piece of equipment in Florida, maybe his latin flare got the better of him, whatever the case maybe, Montoya really made a big impact on the future of NASCAR safety truck design.

But you really have to ask, how wise is it to have a huge tank of jet fuel strapped to the back of a safety truck in a container that can rupture so convincingly.

I am not sure if helicopter turbines have after burners but it really was a spectacular explosion.

Luckily, everyone walked away.

this is the only full version of this on youtube. it is everything live!. ok now i have NEVER EVER seen anything like this before! i have a good replay at at 5: now this is the whole accident including replays of the crash and fire it was a jet engine fuel leaking out onto the race track very dramatic WINNERSCIRCLE24

Juan Pablo Montoya’s exit from the unprecedented Monday night running of theDaytona 500 made all the headlines the following day; so much so that fans would be forgiven for struggling to recall who actually went on to win the race. (Matt Kenseth, for the record.) 

But Montoya’s spectacular and deeply frightening crash into the back of a jet dryer, igniting the 200-gallon tank of jet fuel that it carried, was inevitably the dominant image of the night. It happened when a trailing or ‘truck’ arm – a piece of rear suspension – broke underneath the car, snapping the #42 to the right and sending it sliding up the banking into the jet dryer. There had been nothing Montoya could have done. 

“It sucks because the car spun and I’m going ‘Oh, driver’s side, that’s going to suck,'” he recalled. “That’s the only thing. You don’t think ‘Oh my God I’m going to kill myself!’ Nah. You go oh, that’s going to hurt. It wasn’t too bad. 

“I think overall, people were kind of amazed that I walked out of that one,” he confessed to reporters at Phoenix. “Honestly, everybody was being pretty amazed. Everyone has been really supportive and everything. The bright side is you can joke about it. 

“The way I’ve always looked at it is, ‘Either you’re going to be okay or you’re not,'” he added. “I don’t think anyone could hit anything harder than I did … I’m pretty lucky, to be honest.” 

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