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350Z Performance Parts

The 350Z from Nissan had a slow start in the performance parts industry. Maybe it was because it caught people unawares. It had been a while since Nissan had released a rear wheel drive platform so it was a bit an unknown quantity. Would it sell, performance part companies were unwilling to invest time and money developing parts for a car that might not be popular. As it turned out, they needn’t have worried, the 350Z was a sales sensation everywhere it was available and it got rave reviews from car magazines around the world. The 350Z was hailed as a real old school drivers cars which really got the driver involved in the act of driving. Even though the 350Z has been replaced by the 370Z, the popularity of the 350Z shows no sign of abating, and it’s popularity ion the performance automotive industry is growing by the day and more and more used examples are for sale and the price of the car comes down. Its rear wheel drive set up is made for racing and drifting which means new performance parts are constantly being released for the 350Z even now. Whether your looking for a 350Z body kit, a coil over suspension kit, turbo kit, aero parts like canards or wings, interior parts like carbon fibre trim or a roll cage, you are bound to find what you are looking for. Check out the parts below and see if you can find something for your 350Z

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350Z Performance Parts Guide

At the Detroit Auto Show in 2001, Nissan unveiled the long-awaited Z-car replacement: Concept Z. The stunning coupe was a show favorite, blend- ing modern styling with the iconic nameplate. More importantly, Nissan’s CEO, Carlos Ghosn, announced that the car had been green lighted for production. In 2002, after a six-year hiatus from, the fifth-generation Z-car debuted wearing the 350Z badge.

With a sporty rear-drive platform, nearly 300 hp, and a $26,000 base price, the 350Z became an instant success. Underhood is the potent, six-cylinder VQ35DE powerplant. Numerous tuners have since experimented with the VQ and the engine’s power threshold has continued to rise.

Due to the popularity of our December issue’s Subaru WRX buyer’s guide, we return to you this month with a little something for the Z33 owners out there. The following pages include a wide variety of products from today’s elite performance manufacturers. From suspension to braking and everything in between, we have exactly what you need to turn your Z into a track-ready fiend.

350Z Performance Parts Guide

This is an article taken from Turbo & High Tec Performance magazine, which is now, sadly, out of print. The full article can be read here

Top of Form

Hotchkis Sport Suspension
Stage 1 TVS kit
The Hotchkis Stage 1 Total Vehicle System (TVS) systematically improves handling performance on daily driven vehicles while offering a comfortable ride. Kits include Sport coil springs, Sport sway bars, and all necessary installation hardware.
MSRP: $594
The Progress Group
Antiroll bar/lowering spring comboProgress has developed new front and rear antiroll bars and sport lowering springs for the all-new ’03-’08 350Z. The antiroll bars are 33mm solid steel in the front and 22mm solid steel in the rear. Both of these sway bars have three holes of adjustably. The bars are designed for use with the OEM endlinks. This new antiroll bar system will improve steering response and minimize body roll while cornering. Combine the antiroll bar package with the all-new 350Z sport lowering springs and the rear-wheel-drive Nissan becomes an entirely new beast. The springs are cold wound, shot-peened, load tested, and include a lifetime warranty.
MSRP: $239 (springs), $189 (sway bar)
Tanabe Racing Development USA
Sustec stabilizer
Using an antisway bar is the quickest and best way to increase roll resistance without having to compromise ride quality by raising the spring rate on a suspension. Tanabe’s unique antisway bars are fully constructed of chromoly steel and are lighter and stronger than common mild steel bars. This set is tuned for a neutral handling balance and is sure to please the corner carvers.
MSRP: $295 (front), $195 (rear)
Underbody chassis brace, rear camber brace, lower control arm braceChassis flex is the enemy of good handling. These Stillen chassis braces help transform your `03-’08 350Z into a sure-footed slot car. They are great for serious road warriors or track use. Red powdercoated braces link rear suspension components together, minimizing cornering load induced flexing. Installation is bolt on, with no drilling or modifications required. The kit includes an underbody chassis brace, a rear camber brace, and a lower control arm brace. Pieces may be used independently, but for maximum effectiveness we recommend all three braces be used.
MSRP: Starting at $69
B&G Suspension Systems
S2 lowering springs
B&G Suspension Systems offers its S2 lowering springs for the ’03 Nissan 350Z. The S2 springs lower the vehicle approximately 1 inch front/rear and feature a limited lifetime warranty.
MSRP: $309
Cobb Tuning
Stage 2 suspension system
The Cobb Tuning Stage 2 suspension package is its premiere suspension offering for your 350Z because it enhances the balance and turn-in response without comprising the overall ride quality. Combining its tailored front and rear sway bar kit with in-house designed sport springs gives the 350Z an aggressive stance with the performance to match, leaving little to be desired.
MSRP: $575


Bottom of Form

Nissan 350Z coilovers
Perfect for daily drivers with weekend track intentions, the Endura-Tech coilovers offer 10 levels of rebound adjustment, twin-tube gas structure for comfort and durability, and quality-constructed parts.
MSRP: $2,211
D-spec extra wide-range adjustable shocks
Tokico’s D-spec (damping specific) series adjustable shocks are multiuse products resulting from sophisticated piston and valving design. In addition, they utilize a unique variable aperture bypass that is controlled by an adjustable slide valve. D-spec adjustments change both rebound and compression damping simultaneously. Between maximum soft and hard settings, the D-Spec is infinitely adjustable.
MSRP: $933.31
Tein USA
’03 and newer Nissan 350Z Flex damper kit
The Flex damper kit features the latest technology for all drivers seeking comfort, performance, and adjustability. TEIN has incorporated separate spring perch height and shell case length adjustment, which allows the suspension to retain more stroke for more suspension tuning. The Flex damper kit includes pillow-ball upper mounts, which increase steering response, 16 levels of damping force adjustment, and is compatible with the EDFC (electronic damping force controller) for added convenience and adjustability.
MSRP: $2,190
KW Automotive
Clubsport coilover suspension
The KW Clubsport was developed for the enthusiast who requires a more aggressive setup for racetrack events, with mild street use. The Clubsport suspension is outfitted with high-quality racing top mounts, increased spring rates, tuned valving, and large diameter piston rods. All applications feature adjustable rebound and compression damping for a personalized performance driving setup.
MSRP: $3,195
KW Automotive
Variant 3 coilovers
The KW Variant series coilover suspensions for the Nissan 350Z enables the owner to lower his or her vehicle 20-40mm on the front and rear axles and retain enough travel to handle maximum and dynamic loads during driving. Each vehicle application is specifically designed and engineered for a proper range of motion, minimum/maximum weight loads and minimum/maximum lowering.
MSRP: $2,150
DG-5 coilover kit
Although power is important, the true key to better laps and smooth, precise drifts is in the suspension of the vehicle. DG-5 was created to cheer on those drivers who continually strive to be the best. DG-5 products are designed to bring out your full potential.
MSRP: $2,980


Slide Kontrol drift damper system
KSport Slide Kontrol damper systems feature 36 levels of compression/rebound adjustment, drift-specific valving, rear helper springs, and height-adjustable lower mounts.
MSRP: $1,700
Nagisa Auto
Front upper control arm
The Nagisa Auto Nissan 350Z front upper control arm replaces the OEM piece with a much stronger unit that has spherical, pillow-ball joints. This can be used to adjust or correct alignment settings, after lowering the vehicle, and is for aggressive race setups. It has a unique design that is vastly different from other bulkier designs currently on the market.
MSRP: $825
Front/rear camber kit
KSport camber kits are designed to allow you to quickly adjust camber to factory settings to reduce tire wear or to dial in for race applications.MSRP: $570 (FRONT), $270 (REAR)
Nagisa Auto
Rear camber arm
The Nagisa Auto Nissan 350Z rear camber arm replaces the OEM piece with a much stronger unit that has spherical, pillow-ball joints. Rear camber is adjustable through the threaded portion and has a great range of adjustment. This can be used to adjust or correct alignment camber settings after lowering the vehicle or for aggressive race setups.
MSRP: $485
Nagisa Auto
Rear traction arm
The Nagisa Auto Nissan 350Z rear traction arm replaces the OEM piece with a much stronger unit that has spherical, pillow-ball joints. This can be used to adjust or correct alignment settings after lowering the vehicle and for aggressive race setups. The large adjustment range offers many settings for various setups.
MSRP: $485
Performance exhaust
The Borla cat-back system is a T304 stainless steel true-dual exhaust with a 2-foot H pipe throughout the system. It weighs 50 pounds, compared to the heavier factory system that weighs 62 pounds.
MSRP: $1,231.99


Tanabe Racing Development USA
Concept G cat-back exhaust
Concept G is an all-new motorsports-developed exhaust system that features high-power benefits while maintaining responsible sound levels. Using the all-new continuous strand Advantex packing material technology, Concept G achieves extremely high levels of exhaust system efficiency and still maintains a street driveable car with an extremely clean sound output under 93dB.
MSRP: $990
DC Sports
Single-canister, dual-tip exhaustDue to certain fitment requirements and routing specifications, DC Sports manufactures a single-canister, dual-tip exhaust system for the Nissan 350Z, Acura NSX, and other selected applications. DC Sports exhaust systems are dyno tuned and tested to outperform all comparable systems on the market.
MSRP: $1,330
DC Sports
3-into-1 header system
The increase of V-6 applications in the sport compact market provided an opportunity to design V-Engine headers–which is why DC Sports came up with 3-into-1 header designs. You won’t find a 3-into-1 header system that fits as perfectly or performs as well as DC Sport’s offerings.
MSRP: $530.99
Motordyne Engineering
XYZ-Pipe with resonator
The Motordyne XYZ-Pipe is an X-pipe, Y-pipe, resonator, and catalytic converter all in one, with performance exceeding all other X- or Y-pipes. With configuration changeable modules, it is a fully optimized exhaust collector that has many different functions and applications, hence the name XYZ-Pipe.
MSRP: $525
High-flow catalytic converterStillen now has high-flow replacement catalytic converters for the ’07-’08 Nissan 350Z and ’08 Infiniti G37. They’re for the enthusiast who wants a big boost in power while remaining environmentally responsible. These converters increase output by 9 hp and 7 lb-ft of torque, and look great doing it. They are, however, for off-road use only.
MSRP: $347.19
Mishimoto Automotive
Mishimoto’s ’03 and newer Nissan 350Z radiator
The Mishimoto ’03 and newer Nissan 350Z dual-core performance radiator is precision crafted out of durable aircraft-quality aluminum, providing you with up to 30 percent of greater cooling capacity than standard radiators. Every Mishimoto radiator comes with a high-pressure Mishimoto radiator cap, polished upper and lower endtanks, and a great warranty.
MSRP: $320


Sport radiator
The pitch of the radiator fins and the spacing of the cooling channels were calculated to provide the most airflow through the radiator. Utilizing a brass large-sized core with aluminum components also help keep water temperatures in the optimal range. SARD’s sport radiators also come with a SARD performance radiator cap.
MSRP: $728
Koyorad aluminum racing radiator
R series core features a 53mm [2 1/16-inch] thick all-aluminum fully polished radiator for greater cooling capacity. It also includes OE fitment with factory fans for easy installation.
MSRP: $593
DC Sports (DME)
Radiator diversion panel
DME’s radiator diversion panel maximizes the cooling capabilities of the radiator. Rather than letting air escape through structural gaps on the vehicle, it’s redirected into the radiator. By increasing the amount of airflow passing through the radiator, the efficiency of the radiator is improved. Coolant temperatures are kept consistent under all driving and track conditions.
MSRP: $65
Hargett Precision Products
Quick Disconnect Coupler
Hargett Precision Products introduced its patent-pending Quick Disconnect Coupler (QDC), which provides a significantly improved ease of use when connecting and disconnecting liquid hose and intake/intercooler tube applications. It provides the same high-quality connection as premium coupler systems at approximately 60 percent less cost.
MSRP: Starting at $42
Injen Technology
Cold-air intake system with MR Technology
Injen’s 350Z air intake system is the first and only true cold-air intake guaranteed to produce massive power gains of up to 16 hp and 16 lb-ft of torque. This is the first in a series of kits to be released using both MegaRam Technology and the all-new air fusion. Injen is so confident in its product that it challenges its competitors to try and follow its lead without infringing on their patents.
MSRP: $710
Nissan 350Z ’02-’06 direct replacement silicone hose kit
Samcosport has a four-piece direct replacement coolant silicone hose kit for early model Nissan 350Zs.
MSRP: $198.85


’07 and newer Nissan 350Z direct replacement silicone hose kitSamcosport offers a four-piece direct replacement coolant silicone hose kit for the ’07 and newer Nissan 350Z.
MSRP: $174.07
Motordyne Engineering
5?16-inch Iso Thermal plenum spacer
The Motordyne 5/16-inch Iso Thermal plenum spacer’s stealth modification adds 11-15 hp and reduces the effect of power-robbing heat soak. This plenum spacer is fully compatible with all stock and aftermarket strut bars.
MSRP: $265
Cold-air intake for the ’07 Nissan 350Z
Because of the dual throttle body configuration on the new Z, AEM’s system is comprised of two short-ram intakes with black powdercoated heat shields to maximize performance. The largest power gains are 10.2 hp and 8 lb-ft of torque. This system is available with AEM’s new gunmetal two-stage powdercoated or mirror-polished finish.
MSRP: $303.95
Water/alcohol injection kit
AEM’s water/alcohol injection kit reduces air inlet temperatures that allow you to increase boost pressure and advance timing without having to run higher-octane fuel. It’s like getting to run 100-plus octane gas for the price of premium. AEM’s water/alcohol injection kit includes all the features necessary to do water/alcohol injection correctly with no hidden costs or optional components required.
MSRP: Starting at $460.95
RC Engineering
High-flow fuel injectors
Noted fuel injection specialist, RC Engineering, offers owners of Nissan 350Zs two paths to improved performance. For those who modify their engines, RC offers a range of fuel injectors that can supply more fuel than the OEM units. These include 370, 440, 550, 650, and 750cc injectors. For highly modified engines, where 2.5-ohm injectors or an injector driver box can be employed, RC offers massive 1,000, 1,200, and 1,600cc fuel injectors. Both types will require the use of special wiring clips, also available from RC.
MSRP: Starting at $78.75 per piece
350Z turbo kit
Finally, an easy-to-bolt-on turbo kit for the 350Z and G35 that makes serious horsepower. Developed by Turbonetics engineering department to accomplish both of these tasks, this kit not only does both, it does more. Everything required for a complete installation is included in the package, including 6 quarts of Turbonetics TS-1 oil.
MSRP: $5,495



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