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Honda Civic Body Kits and Tuning Parts. Links to manufacturers of high performance parts, body kits, turbo kits, superchargers, cold air intakes, performance air filters, brake pads, discs and big brake kits, and Civic engine tuning information

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Stock Interiors Seneca, SC
Honda Car Parts Natick,MA

Honda Civic Performance Air Filters, Cold Air Intakes and Induction Kits


Honda Civic Body Kits

webber sports
first moulding
lite tuned
varis           uk supplier – envy
Ache Dee         uk supplier – not specified
aeromaster     uk supplier – not listed
ms design     UK supplier – Duncan Smith
erebuni                  uk supplier – ab styling
bomex                   belgium dealer – avb sports
wings west        uk dealer – the racers edge
kingdom developments
buddy club      uk supplier – kingdom developments
c west      uk supplier – not stated

Honda Civic Brake, Pads, Discs, Big Brake Kits

v rave
project mu
Hi Spec

Honda Civic Turbo Kits and Superchargers

ProCharger    uk supplier – autocraft salisbury
Turbonetics    uk dealer – none stated at time of writing
Jackson Racing    uk supplier – abbey motorsport
Edelbrock      uk supplier – none stated at time of writing.
Vortech       uk dealer – ns racing
Garrett    dealer uk – turbo technics    greece – turbo hellas
Comptech     uk dealer – ns racing
turbo dynamics uk

Engine Tuning Information – Honda Civic

Honda Tuning Magazine
Import Tuner
Honda Hook Up

Honda Civic Performance Parts


Stock Interiors Seneca, SC
Top quality custom fit automotive carpet, made to fit your automobile like the original. Made with highest quality materials and original colors.

Honda Car Parts Natick, MA
Honda car parts for all models and at a guaranteed low price from Bernardi Parts.

Honda Civic Performance Air Filters, Cold Air Intakes and Induction Kits

Injen                    dutch supplier – jcp performance uk supplier not stated

AEM                    supplier/dealer: uk – funky product. Australia – Quantum Racing. Canada –
Performance Improvements

Performance induction kit manufacturer. AEM are a relatively new name in Europe but well recognised in America. The AEM car air filter kits not only utilise the free flowing nature of a cotton performance air filter but AEM induction kit design also uses tuned inlet pipes and Cold Air Intakes to maximise performance.
Manufacturers covered include Honda Civic, Honda Integra, Accord, Prelude, S2000, Ford Focus, Nissan Sentra, Nissan 350Z, Hyundai Tiburon, Coupe, Mitsubishi Eclipse, Subaru Impreza WRX, STI, Toyota Corolla, MR2, VW Golf and VW Jetta.

K&N                    supplier/dealer: uk – peter lloyd rallying. Australia – Rocket Industries. usa – options
auto salon

K N filters. Probably the most famous performance air filter manufacturer in the world with a k n filter kit for virtually every car ever made. K N filter kits utilise cotton gauze technology and cold air intakes for its typhoon kits.
Manufacturers covered include Alfa Romeo 156, GTV, 166, Audi A3, A4, A8, BMW E46, BMW E36, M3, M5, 325, 320, 328, Citroen Saxo VTS, VTR, C2, C3,  Daihatsu Sirion, Ferrari 355, Ford Focus, Cosworth, Honda Civic SI, Prelude, Integra, Hyundai Accent, Tiburon, Jeep Wrangler, Cherokee, Lexus IS200, GS400,  Lotus Elise, Mazda MX5, 323, 626, Nissan 350Z, Skyline, Seat Ibiza, Leon, Renualt Clio and Toyota Celica, Corolla.

Pipercross                    supplier/dealer: uk – euro performance, Australia – Revolution Race Gear.
Canada -. Greece – Street and Circuit

Performance air filter manufacturer with a well established brand name in the car air filter arena. Pipercross utilises foam technology in their induction kit design with aluminium spun performance air filter necks for improved air flow. Pipercross are continually at the cutting edge of filter design their VIS and Viper cold air intakes being a case in point.
Car makes covered: Honda Civic, Integra, S2000,

Green                    uk supplier – need for speed. Australia – not stated. usa – mirko racing. Canada –

Green filter are a performance induction kit manufacturer utilising green filter cotton gauze technology which are Green in colour. Previous magazine test have highlighted the dramatic increase in induction noise that a Green filter can create over and above other makes of induction kit. Green filter are supplied to the Peugeot WRC Team with their own unique performance air filter design.
Cars Covered:  Honda Civic, Integra, S2000

Honda Civic Body Kits

carbon lip spoilers, side skirts, and rear lower spoilers.
crx, civic, starlet, supra, levin, r32, accord, corolla, wagon r, integra

body kits for prelude accord legend

webber sports
honda civic,  accord, rx7, z33, celica, integra, s2000

first moulding
body kits and carbon fibre aero parts. diffusers and vented bonnets. Bonnets for s14, r33, s13, civic, integra, ae86, rx7, s2000

lite tuned
Carbon fibre styling. front wings door cards, bonnets and spoilers.
Honda Civic, Integra, Del Sol, Ford Focus CRX. Bonnets for Audi A4, BMW E46, E30, Lancer EVO, 300ZX, 206, Ibiza, Celica, Golf, Polo

varis                    uk supplier – envy
japanese company making body kits consisting of front and rear aprons as well as side skirts and wings. Company also makes carbon and carbon kevlar bonnets
cars covered: toyota celica, supra, starlet, soarer, corolla, chaser, previa, nissan fairlady z32, z33, 350z, silvia, s15, s14, 180sx, skyline r33, r32, micra, honda civic, integra, mitsubishi evo, gto, z15, z16, mazda rx7, rx8, subaru impreza

Ache Dee                    uk supplier – not specified

Nissan and Honda specialist body kit manufacturer. Site is in Japanese.
Cars covered: Nissan s15, s14, s13, 180sx, 200sx, primera p11, skyline r33 and honda civic.

aeromaster                    uk supplier – not listed

Japanese manufacturer making bodykits for most japanese vehicles
Cars covered: Nissan s15, s14, s13, skyline, fairlady, z32, z33, toyota supra, lexus, soarer, subaru impreza, mazda rx7, honda civic, pp1, jb1, dc2, dc5, ek9, s2000, suzuki, daihatsu, mitsubishi gto

ms design                    UK supplier – Duncan Smith

The site is very professional. The body kits featured on the site tend to be for the latest models and are understated in design. The company has a Renault Clio body kit featuring side skirts, a Vauxhall Corsa body kit featuring a lower front bumper, a Honda Civic body kit including rear spoiler, a Ford Focus body kit which includes front and rear bumper extensions,  plus more body kits and body styling accessories for the Mercedes E Class and the Toyota Yaris and most
major car manufacturers.

erebuni                   uk supplier – ab styling

body kit and spoiler / wing manufacturer based in the states. In general the kits are quite extreme and have a distinctive look which will appeal to individual tastes. These body kits could not be mistaken for something supplied by the car manufacturer! They have Honda Civic body kits, Honda Accord and Honda Integra body kits which feature a large rear wing. The Audi A4 also has body kits featured as well as the TT. The Chrysler PT cruiser is listed as is the Toyota Celica and most major car manufacturers.

bomex                   belgium dealer – avb sports

based in japan, although the link above is for the us site for ease of navigation. there is an announcement saying that bomex has recently cut their prices, although this links to the japanese site. the supplier featured is in belgium and I don’t know if they speak english but I would say they probably would (75% sure). the styling products look good although the photos on the site do not really do the kits justice, the suppliers site could well have better quality photos.

wings west                    uk dealer – the racers edge

body kit, wing / spoiler and car accessory manufacturer. there is a unique system for finding the required styling products. the styling of the products themselves are distinctive although the cover of models appears to be quite patchy. the site looks very professional and there is probably at least one item available for any u.s. car you care to mention. when I looked at the site the on line store was down so I imagine when it is back up and running there should be on line prices. Their Ford Focus and Saxo kits are well known.

kingdom developments                    uk supplier – kingdom developments

this is a british kit manufacturer, originally made famous by a pink nova featured in max power. the kits are very distinctive, with the front bumpers making the greatest impact. this company also offers a fitting service.
Manufacturers inc Vauxhall the Vauxhall Nova the Vauxhall Corsa and Calibra, Citroen the Citroen Saxo, Honda the Honda Civic the CRX and Del Sol,  Mazda inc the Mazda MX and Subaru inc the Subaru Impreza

buddy club                    uk supplier – kingdom developments

a japanese manufacturer with close links to motorsport, the body styling part of the site is limited to two manufacturers and the kits look very good. there are no prices on the site. this company also sells other performance parts.

c west                      uk supplier – not stated

Japanese manufacturer with a style that would not look out of place coming from a main dealer, the kits look very classy and there is a good fitment list. The site carries on line prices for its products in yen, the site is in Japanese.

Honda Civic Performance Brake Pads, Big Brake Kit and Brake Disc Manufacturers

v rave
japanese performance brake pad manufacturer. ford, nissan, honda, toyota, mazda, mitsubishi, subaru

project mu
japanese performance brake pad manufacturer offering a range of brake pads from street to circuit use
toyota, nissan, honda, mitsubishi, mazda, suzuki, hyundai, subaru, lexus.

endless                    uk supplier – demon tweeks

japanese manufacturer of high performance brake pads

AEM             uk dealer – sumo power

Brake Disc manufacturer catering for Honda cars only. AEM utilise ceramic kevlar material in their brake pads. Honda Civic

Brembo                    uk dealer – brembo brakes online

One of the most prestigious names in the world of Brake Pads and Brake Discs for the high performance environment. Brembo pads and discs are available separately or as a complete kit.

EBC          uk – supplier – brakes 4 u

Brake pad manufacturer with a choice of compounds. EBC has an excellent reputation for performance whether its for the track or street. Mainly a performance brake pad manufacturer but also manufacturers a wide variety of brake discs under the name turbogroove. Honda Civic pads in green and red compound.

Hi Spec                    uk supplier – hi spec

A manufacturer of big brake disc conversions utilising the original cars calipers to keep costs down. Hi Spec also utilise uprated calipers in their higher level big brake conversion kits. A wide range of kits available with hot hatches well catered for, eg Civic etc. Big brake kits available for Honda Civic.

Wilwood                    uk supplier – peter lloyd rallying

A world famous manufacturer of big brake kits including calipers and discs.

Honda Civic Turbo Kits and Supercharger Conversions

ProCharger                    uk supplier – autocraft salisbury
Manufacturer of centrifugal supercharger kits based in the USA. Similar to Rotrex but ProCharger have a much greater list of bolt on kits which can be seen on their website, although these kits are focused towards American and Japanese cars. Typical install time is listed as 8-10 hours, the same as Rotrex kits. Procharger superchargers utilise their own oils supply so there is no need to tap into a vehicles existing oil supply although the supercharger oil requires changing every 8000 miles due to its specialist construction. Procharger claim their kits can deliver, on average a 50-85% gain ii horsepower and
torque, although this may well need to be backed up by a stronger  clutch and almost certainly bigger brakes! Application list includes kits for the Ford Focus and Ford Mustang, Hummer, Pontiac,
Corvette and sport compact cars such as the Honda Civic and Acura Integra. A UK Japanese Car Magazine claimed that there is auniversal kit available which can be adapted to fit most vehicles which I tend to believe. The UK Importer dealer  quoted a price in the region of 3500 to 4000 pounds for a complete kit including installation and rolling road set up with a universal kit priced at approx 4000 pounds all in, in essence drive in, drive out. SVEs demo car a Honda Civic produced approx 140hp before the conversion and 260 (if my memory serves me correctly!) hp after, with the journalists saying that the power delivery was completely linear. Kits are complete with all required components for the
conversion. Site contains PDF of all kits and components.

Turbonetics                    uk dealer – none stated at time of writing
American manufacturer of turbo kits. Turbo conversions for Honda Prelude, Integra, Accord, Civic, 200sx and Nissan 350Z. Kits give at least a 50% increase in horsepower and operate at 8psi. Turbonetics also supply a huge range of turbo accessories and parts.

Jackson Racing                    uk supplier – abbey motorsport
Supercharger kit manufacturer most famous for its forced induction systems for Honda specifically the Civic, Civic Type R, Integra, Prelude as well as the Chrysler PT Cruiser, Ford Focus, Mazda Miata MX5. Jackson racing specialises in supercharger conversion kits. Their site contains a comprehensive and interesting FAQ section. Jackson Racing supercharger kits are eaton type which may not be as efficient as centrifugal types but the power gains offered are nearly identical to Procharger and Rotrex  while operating at similar psi. The prices of their kits are also cheaper the Ford Focus 2litre Zetec kit comes in at 2795dollars or approx 1550 pounds excluding fitting (depending on exchange rate).

Edelbrock                    uk supplier – none stated at time of writing.
Big name in the states but still to make in Europe. Make a big range of engine tuning accessories as well as manufacturing their own turbo kits. Turbo conversion applications stated as all Honda VTEC engines from 96-00 with a power increase of over 60% at 6-7psi. Claims to be the most “complete turbo kit period” and a recent article in an American Sport Compact tuning magazine backs this up. Incidentally this magazine dynoed the turbo conversion (with G30R Garrett  turbo) and it produced over 350hp on an B Series engine at 12.4psi (Civic Si). Kits include intercoolers and all necessary ancillaries including the air filter. Price quoted at approximately 3500 dollars approx 2050 pounds excluding fitting.

Vortech                   uk dealer – ns racing
Centrifugal supercharger manufacturer. Kits for BMW, Honda, Hyundai, Nissan, Toyota, Lexus, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Porsche and VW Volkswagen.

Garrett                   dealer uk – turbo technics               greece – turbo hellas
Turbo and turbo accessory manufacturer constructing its own turbo conversion kits. site also features turbo kits designed and manufactured by third parties using it turbos (with links to their websites). Kits by Garret include Honda Civic, Sportrax, VW 2.0L 8 valve, Audi VW 1.8T, Suzuki Hayabusa and Ford Powerstroke. Turbo conversions by 3rd parties  cover a massive range of vehicles,.Honda Civic Power increase start at 50%

Comptech                    uk dealer – ns racing
Supercharger conversions for Honda Vehicles

Turbo Dynamics
Comprehensive provider of turbos, hybrid turbos and turbo parts and accessories.

Engine Tuning Information – Honda Civic Engines.

Honda Tuning Magazine
Honda On Line Magazine with good tech section. Also includes links to other on line mags.

Import Tuner
Honda dedicated tuning tips, the questions below are a snap shot of the site it contains much more information on specific areas of honda modification such as exhausts and intakes.
Engine Basics
What engine oil should I use? How often should I change it?
What’s the difference between SOHC versus DOHC?
What’s VTEC?
How often should I adjust my valves?
What is a porting & polished head job?
What benefit do I get from changing camshafts?
What are cam sprockets? What do they do? REVISED
What models and engines are out there?
Can the [xxx] engine be swapped into the [xxx] chassis?
What do I need to know before rebuilding my engine?
Do reprogrammed computer chips work?
Who makes the best VTEC cam?
What’s a milled head?
Should I buy a VTEC controller? Can I make my own?
Can I just swap a VTEC cylinder head onto my non-VTEC motor?
What does a lightened crankshaft pulley do for me and who makes them?
What does an underdrive pulley do?
What’s a blueprinted engine?
What’s shotpeening?

Focussing on swapping to VTEC heads Honda SOHC engines, below is a snap shot of the introduction.
I’ve seen a lot of questions recently regarding the conversion of a D16a6 to become a sohc WITH vtec. This setups is commonly referred to as a “Mini-me.” So I’m going to try and cover all the various angles to making one of these little D-series screamers right. NOTE: This isn’t a how-to article, it’s more of a broad ideas type pointer…for the down and dirty hands on, see Xtensive’s earlier article.

In theory, it’s very simple. Take a D16a6 bottom end and “just” bolt on a D16z6 or D16y8 head. Okay, if you have no idea why somebody would bother with this, raise your hand…For starters, more horsepower, more torque and it’s cheaper and easier than a complete engine swap.

Honda Hook Up
Honda Engine SWAP information.
“D16Z6, D16Y8, D15B7: If you have one of the lower and cheaper civic models, IE The Cx, Dx, Lx and If you’re looking for a cheap power increase while still maintaining stock gas mileage then the possibility of swapping in one of the higher model civic engines is right up your alley. The D16Z6 is the SOHC 5th Gen. Si and Ex engine pushing 125hp @ 6600 rpm and 106 lb.-ft of torque @ 5200 rpm. The D16Y8 is the 6th gen. SOHC Ex engine pushing 127hp @ 6600 rpm and 107 lb.-ft of torque @ 5500 rpm. These are extremely easy to find since allot ppl swap them out in favor for more expensive engines. ”


Find performance parts on ebay

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