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This review highlights things to watch out for when using an AEM FIC as well as general plus and negative points of the unit. The review is specifically for the FIC8 but the FIC6 should be similar. I am not going to cover what is already included in the documentation that comes with the FIC. Here is a link to the AEM paperwork.First of installation. I would strongly recommend buying a patch harness to go with the AEM FIC to make installation much easier. AEM sell harnesses as do companies like Boomslang. Instructions are very good so there should be no problem wiring it up. It is a big help if you have a pin out diagram for your ECU. Check out forum for this info.

Bad Points Datalogging

For me, the internal datalogging function of the unit didn’t work. Maybe it was the way my laptop was configured but I could get no joy with it. You can plug a lap top into the FIC but the datalogging sampling rate is 100 times a second which means you get far too much data for too little action. The sampling rate is not adjustable. All in all datalogging is of limited use. Seeing as you need a wideband to map the car I would get something decent like an innovate Motorsport unit and use that untis datalogging features. innovate Motorsports datalogging software is one of the best out there. I would not bother with AME’s datalogging software.

Bad Points Tables/Maps

Very important to set your axis values before you start altering the maps. If for some reason later you need to change the axis of the tables the data you have previously entered will not follow the values. The date you have previously entered will sty in the same cell regardless of whether it was 4000rpm before and 5000rpm later. So beware!

Bad Points Languages

This one will not effect many people but make sure your laptop has the correct regions and languages set otherwise you can run into all sorts of unexpected problems with the FIC software.

Bad Points Advanced Ignition Timing

You cant do it with the AEM FIC. The only way around it is to change the position  of the timing sensors and then have your base map retarded to compensate. When you want to advance ignition you simply reduce the retard of the AEM FIC. Not ideal and time consuming but it can be done.

Good Points Lambda Sensor

The biggest plus point the AEM FIC has over the Greddy Emanage is that you can map the Lambda sensor signal. This is an essential feature and may be enough on its own to tune your car. Modern cars will retune the ECU to the Lambda Sensor signal it wants to see so while you may be able to get the tune close with the Emanage you may find in a few weeks that the OE ECU has detuned the car back to stock.

Good Points Fuel Injector Selection

You can set the size of your injectors in the software which is a big help when you are making a new fuel map with bigger injectors.

AEM FIC Summary

All in all the AEM FIC does what it says on the tin, but there are some major flaws, namely the datalogging software and the changing of axis values in the map. Is is worth the money? Yes, it is much cheaper than its closest rival and has Lambda control. The Emanage Ultimate does have more features however like individual injector control. We have yet to test the boost controller function, when we do you will be the first to know!

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