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The turbo kits that come out for the Scion never fail to amaze us. What is it about Scions and the extra power they can make with a bolt on turbo kit???

Turbo kits for Scions always seem to make bigger increases than turbo kits for any other car, why is that?

Anyway, Modified Magazine has a nice article about the Descendant bolt-on turbo kit for the Scion TC.

Descendant are part of World Racing who are have built legendary cars for time attack in the states. Their experience with modifying the 2AZ-FE motor and the 2AR-FE motor are second to none and the Descendant turbo kit is their race experience and knowledge transferred into a turbo kit for the road.

The Descendant turbo kit is designed to be a complete kit which includes everything required to fit. If there is one thing turbo kit manufacturers have learned it’s that customers want everything they need in the kit, trips to Home Depot with the car in pieces is something the home mechanic does not want!

To give a brief run down of what is included in the Descendant turbo kit. It includes the turbo, header/manifold, an AEM FIC controller, nuts and bolts, hoses, intercooler, pipes, brackets, ties, clips and even injectors.

Almost all the parts included in the Descendant turbo kit come with a lifetime warranty which says a lot about the quality of the parts used.

The 2011 Scion TC has a large 2.5litre 2AR-FE engine which given the factory output of 180bhp leaves a lot of untapped potential.

Fitting time for the kit obviously varies on your experience or the experience of the person fitting the kit but bargain on around  8 hours and that should be more than enough.

How does the turbo kit behave? Around town it is very good, almost stock but put your foot down and the Scion takes off. be gentle with the accelerator and the car almost feels like it has simply been given a capacity increase.

Modified Magazine took 2 Scion TCs to Chruch Automotive to compare before and after figures.  The stock car made 190whp which is up on the factory quoted figure by a large chunk.

Bu the Descendant turbo kit takes the TC into another dimension, how does 327whp and 325wtq at 13psi sound?

One thing that may have led to this bigger than expected increase was the 3 inch exhaust fitted but Descendant say the kit can also be used with a standard exhaust.

The price? 4250USD which sounds like good value, 31USD per WHP which make it comparable to good cold air intakes.

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