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Apexi Turbo Timer – AliExpress items are Genuine?

Box of a Chinese replica Apexi turbo timer. Are they the same as a genuine item.

In a word “NO”. The Apexi turbo timers on AliExpress, in my experience, are not genuine, they are not the same as genuine Apexi turbo timers.

What are the differences?

Control Unit

The unit where you program the settings. The fonts are different. On the genuine Apexi unit the font is in bold. On the AliExpress unit it is not.

The logo on the control unit is also different. The Chinese unit has a slightly compressed logo vs the genuine unit.

The finish on the Chinese unit is not as smooth as the genuine unit. And the black unit is glossy, on the genuine unit I believe the finish is very slightly matt.

Apexi turbo timer control units. Silver is genuine. Black is not.

Wiring Harness

The Apexi unit uses thicker cabling for the power wires. Much beefier than the AliExpress unit.

The colours on some of the wires on the Apexi unit are patterned, dots/stripes. The Chinese unit has solid coloured wires.

The Relay Unit

There looks to be more components on the genuine circuit board.

The cables are also embedded in potting compound or some sort of silicone. The Chinese board has nothing.

In Use

There is a big/serious issue, in my opinion, is the Chinese unit will briefly cut the ignition when you turn the key off. I don’t like circuits be de-powered and re-powered quickly. The genuine unit keeps the power constant when the key is turned off.

AliExpress Apexi Turbo Timer – Summary

The AliExpress turbo timer is around 6 times more expensive than the genuine item. Is the genuine unit worth 6 times as much?

I would say absolutely.

The brief cutting of power with the Chinese unit, in my opinion, could cause electrical damage to any circuit connected to the ignition circuit and for this reason I do not believe the Chinese is worth fitting, even if it was free.

The genuine Apexi unit on the whole seems much better built and in my opinion, is the much, much better choice over the Chinese unit.

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