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Luton Airport Fire UPDATE 14.10.23

Geoff Buys Cars has done an update on the Luton Airport fire. You can see it here.

Short Version

From the research Geoff has done (and this is not conclusive at all as far as I am concerned), the Luton airport fire could have been caused by a diesel Range Rover, as is being reported but it could have been a diesel Hybrid.

Geoff describes which Range Rover he thinks it is (Range Rover Sport) and why he believes that the Range Rover was a diesel hybrid.

Why a Diesel Hybrid?

Geoff covers various reported fires of Range Rover products and claims non-battery related fires lead to smoke and flame emanating from the base of the windscreen.

In the Luton fire he says the flames on the video (if indeed the video is the initial car to catch fire and if the car was at Luton airport) were emanating from behind the front left wheel. He then shows a schematic of the Range Rover Sport diesel hybrid which shows the battery in the hybrid is located behind to front left wheel. And from this he concludes he believes that the car in question was a Range Rover Sport diesel hybrid.

Personally I do not know. I have done zero research into Range Rovers, I am simply reporting the contents of Geoff’s video, which may or may not be correct/accurate.

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