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Audi S3 vs Nissan GTR R35

Burnout Magazine in Greece had an article in their April 2011 issue where they raced a 620bhp Audi S3 against a 485bhp Nissan GTR R35.

These are the acceleration times they recorded. Unfortunately we couldn’t find any video to go with the article!

S3: 2.1seconds
GTR: 2.4seconds

0-100km/h (0-60mph)
S3: 4.1Seconds
GTR: 4.3Seconds

0-160km/h (0-100mph)
S3: 8.6Secs
GTR: 11.3Secs

S3: 12.3 @ 194km/h
GTR: 12.4 @ 189km/h

S3: 7.99Secs
GTR: 9.37Secs

S3 Engine Tuning Specs:
CP Pistons
Carillo Rods
Precision 6262 Turbo
Tial 44mm Wastegate
ARP Bolts
Bosch 044 Fuel Pump
Siemens 900cc Injectors
R32 Throttle Body
Ferrea Vlaves

Power 620PS@8150rpm
Torque: 57.8kg/m@7265rpm

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