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Tuned S3 vs GTR R35 – Drag Race

Burnout Magazine in Greece had an article in their April 2011 issue where they drag raced a 620bhp Audi S3 vs a GTR R35 with 485bhp.

These are the acceleration times they recorded. Unfortunately we couldn’t find any video to go with the article but there are some random S3 vs GTR video at the bottom!

S3: 2.1seconds
GTR: 2.4seconds

0-100km/h (0-60mph)
S3: 4.1Seconds
GTR: 4.3Seconds

0-160km/h (0-100mph)
S3: 8.6Secs
GTR: 11.3Secs

S3: 12.3 @ 194km/h
GTR: 12.4 @ 189km/h

S3: 7.99Secs
GTR: 9.37Secs

S3 Engine Tuning Specs:

CP Pistons
Carillo Rods
Precision 6262 Turbo
Tial 44mm Wastegate
ARP Bolts
Bosch 044 Fuel Pump
Siemens 900cc Injectors
R32 Throttle Body
Ferrea Vlaves

Power 620PS@8150rpm
Torque: 57.8kg/m@7265rpm

S3 vs GTR – Random Videos

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