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Best Book on Formula 1 – By Top Gear’s Stig

I  have read a few books on Formula 1 now and they have all been good reads

Eddie Jordan’s, (team owner of Jordan Grand Prix) Independent Man took you through Eddie Jordan life in Ireland to the pinnacle of his career when he made millions selling Eddie Irvine to Ferrari to partner Michael Schumacher. It covered the early days when he was a racer through to his time as a small team owner trying to raise financing. An excellent book.

Sid Watkins’s book, Life at the Limit gave a fascinating insight into the golden era of F1 and the safety measures he introduced.

The Mechanics’s Tale by Steve Matchett shows how you can become an F1 mechanic for a world championship winning team, from his days working at a BMW dealership up to Benetton F1.

Jo Raimerez’s Memoirs of a Racing man. Jo Raimerez was Ayrton Senna’s chief mechanic and this again showed how you can get into the world of F1

But the real stand out book for me was written by Top Gear’s first Stig, the Stig who use to dress in black, Perry McCarthy.

If you are looking for a book that really takes you inside the world of F1 and a book that spells out the nitty gritty with regards to what is involved in becoming a top flight driver, this is by far the best book I have read.

Even if you are a club race looking to financing for your career, Flat Out Flat Broke by Perry McCarthy is required reading.

Quite simply, the book, on a man wanting to become an F1 driver, is brilliant and is non stop action.

I do not remember reading a book before where I have been half way through and been gutted because I know the book is going to finish. This is one book that I wanted to go on forever, one book I did not want to stop reading.

So if you are a racing driver, or you are a racing driver and you want to know how the world of driver financing & sponsorship works. If you want to be a racing driver and you want to know about what it takes to get money to fund your career, you need to read this book.

If you are a parent with a son or a daughter looking to become professional racing driver, if you want to know how to get financing then this book is for you. It is not the final solution, it gives no quick fixes but it gives you a very good foundation as to what it takes to get sponsorship.

In fact, the title does not do the book justice. If you have an interest in motoracing, the this could be one of thebest books you will read full stop.

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