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Best ebay Exhaust Manifolds – Golf GTI/Golf R MK5 MK6

In this article we look at the exhaust manifolds available on ebay for the MK5 and MK6 Golf GTi/Golf R. We look at the designs and see which should be best for performance.

There are four designs of Golf GTI/Golf R manifolds at the time of writing.

Two of them are cast manifolds and are unbranded.

One is from OBX, a tubular exhaust manifold

And the last is from IE, this is a cast manifold.

The Taiwanese manifolds

The most expensive manifold first

This manifold has a T25 flange which is a big negative straight off the bat for those looking for big power with big turbos. For those using the standard turbo this should be a bolt on affair.

Plus Points

Cast which should mean it lasts

You can add an external wastegate.

Negative Points

The placement of the external wastegate is not ideal

The exhaust flange is small

The runners are not seperated

The runners do not aim the exhaust gas towards the turbo


A strong exhaust manifold and that is about it



Taiwan Manifold 2

Negative Points

Small exhaust flange, T25

No way to add an external wastegate

Plus Points

Divided entry to the turbo

Runners aim the exhaust flow towards the flange

Cast design, heavy but strong


If you are keeping the standard turbo, this could be an upgrade over the standard exhaust manifold due to the divided entry and the alignment of the runners



IE Cast Exhaust Manifold

Plus points

T4 flange for big turbo upgrades and lets face it, that is why we are fitting a different exhaust manifold

Cast, heavy but strong

Divided entry to turbo

Runners aimed towards flange


No external wastegate flange


Building on the plus points of the better Taiwanese exhaust manifold but with a T4 flange.



OBX Manifold

The OBX is a stainless steel, tubular exhaust manifold

Plus Points

Long runners, will lose some heat before the turbo but should also give less back pressure to the turbo and reduce heat in the cylinder head and have even less reversion than the divided entry cast manifolds.

T3 Flange for big turbo

External wastegate flange

Negative Points

Tubular with long headers will probably need extra support for the weight of the turbo, a good idea either way

Wastegate flange angle not ideal at all, pointing away from flow of exhaust gases


An exhaust manifold that should give excellent performance, with a good size exhaust flange, a flange for an external wastegate. Bracing to support some of the weight of the turbo would be recommended (by us)



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