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Car care is one of the most important aspects in keeping your car looking like new. By using high quality waxes and high quality care tools you can keep your car looking showroom fresh not matter what the weather throws at it. The companies listed here also make a variety of specialist car care tools to make cleaning your car much easier and much more pleasurable. Visit the websites listed below to find a dealer near you.

Car Care – Car Polish

DoDo Juice
Paint Shield
Rim Wax
Venture Shield

Detailing Services UK

Juicy Detailing Stanley Co Durham

Car Care – Car Polish

Autoglym – Car Care
Car owners are as individualistic as the vehicles they drive. For some owners, cars are their passion and they would not dream of being seen in a less than pristine vehicle. Others may just want to maintain their vehicles in reasonable condition without too much effort.

DoDo Juice – Car Care
Welcome to Dodo Island, Mauritius, home of the dodo and industrial epicentre of the Dodo Juice corporation. Three years after initial launch, our carnauba car wax production facility has grown immensely and the monorail is now complete. We have taken on more henchmen and the laser is going nicely. So why not take a look around? Our website is more helpful and informative than ever before, and only one web developer had to be fed to our pet shark during the exhaustive production process.

Kleers – Car Care
Kleers, the new name in car care.

We are manufacturers of quality cleaning products to clean, maintain and protect your vehicle to a showroom standard.

Each Kleers product has been specifically designed and engineered by our experienced chemists and blenders to ensure they meet the expectations and needs of our customers and their cars.

Meguiars – Car Care
One of the biggest name in the car care business. Meguairs car care products cover every are of car care from cleaning to detailing, from interior to exterior, from polishes to clothes and cleaning tools

Mothers – Car Care
Not sure what product you need for a particular application? Not a problem, Mothers® has created this easy to use products page that will narrow your search for choosing a product for a specific purpose. Whether it be paint, gel coat, interior, tires, wheels, or even special care, you’ll find it here.

Paint Shield
Paintshield Ltd is the premier independent supplier of Paint Protection Film and Painted Film products to the European marketplace. Our centre of operations is in Peterborough, where we are well placed for the shipping of products and the provision of support services to our clients.

Our 4 year, no fail warranty applies to all kits we supply and fit. This warranty has become highly regarded and after six years we still believe this warranty remains unique in the UK and probably in Europe. We pride ourselves on our customer service and have successfully met and exceeded the expectations of what we believe to be the most demanding

Rim Wax
RimWax is a specialised alloy wheel wax that quickly restores a bright, polished and protected wheel finish. The anti-static RimWax formula actually helps repel brake dust to reduce dust build up by as much as 75%.

Venture Shield
VentureShield Paint Protection Film is a clear urethane film which when applied to your vehicles surface reduces stone chip damage. Stones literally bounce off your cars surface without leaving a costly chip to repair or devalue your car when it comes time to sell

Detailing Services UK

Juicy Detailing Stanley Co Durham
DoDo Juice dealer.

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