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EVO Tuners – EVO Tuning Specialists

Mitsubishi EVO tuning specialists carrying out servicing, performance upgrades, repairs, engine rebuildsshops and retailers, manufacturers and part fitting.  Names include Top Secret, Greddy, HKS and Power Engineering cars covered include Mitsubishi EVO

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M: Part Manufacturer
T: Tuning Services
S: Shop/Retailer
F: Part Fitting

General – Japan


EVO Tuners – Mitsubishi EVO Tuning Specialists

MA Developments T (Maidenhead, Berkshire)
Mommentum Motorsports
RG Motorsport TSF
Car Planet Racing T (Cheshire)
Steve Hill Motorsport TS (Bucks)
Norris Designs
Power Engineering
Owen Developments MT (Kingston BagpuizeOxford)
Power Station STF (Tewkesbury Glos)
Shawn Taylor Racing
Wincanton Motor Services Wincanton, Somerset
Owen Developments TM (Oxford, Oxfordshire)

EVO Part Suppliers UK

Co-ord Sport

EVO Tuners – Japan

Garage Kagotani MST (Noda Japan)
Auto Produce Boss MST (Nagano-shi – Japan)

EVO Tuners – USA

Buscher Racing
Port Flow Design Harbor City, California
Road Race Motorsports
Speed Element Performance
Eclipse Car Tuner S(USA)

EVO Tuners – Puerto Rico

Predator Performance – Puerto Rico

EVO Tuners – New Zealand

Speedtech Motorsport


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EVO Tuners – Canada

Ultimate Racing – Canada

General Mitsubishi Tuners

Mach V Motorsports

EVO Tuners – Mitsubishi EVO Tuning Specialists

General – Japan

One stop shop from an oil change to supercharger/turbo conversions from suspension alignment to full race preparation

Video by JDM Insider on TRIAL

A YouTube Channel ahead of its time. A day in the life of an EVO/STI tuning specialist – PART1

EVO Tuners – EVO Tuning Specialists UK

MA Developments T (Maidenhead, Berkshire)
EVO Tuning Specialist – the proprietor Mark Shead has built a solid reputation for performance engine building that strikes fear into other tuners!  Working alone, the engines produced per year could possibly be counted on one hand.  However, unlike a conveyor belt line, the engines are subject to meticulous attention to detail and quality workmanship, which results in a piece of engineering capable of consistent hard abuse yet built to take such demands time and time again!!!


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Mommentum Motorsports

EVO specialist parts supplier and tuner claiming to have tuned the fastest EVO 6 in the World, impressive stuff

RG Motorsport
EVO Tuning Specialist – South east specialist for the Mitsubishi Evolution, from minor servicing to fully forged 2.3 engines.  Also specialising inmapping of the Apexi Power FC for the EVO.

RC Developments – Now Car Planet Racing
EVO Tuning Specialist – Becoming a legendary name in Mitsubishi EVO tuning in the UK with their EVO Demonstrator which is claimed to be putting out over 900hp with 10second 1/4 mile passes. Supplies a variety of EVO Stage tuning packs from 300hp onwards. No prices on website.

Steve Hill Motorsport
Carries out servicing on all makes of cars but specialises in the Mitsubishi EVO. Carries out full upgrades to your requirements. Also sell performance parts

Mitsubishi EVO 4, Evo5 EVO6, EVO7, EVO8, EVO9 Specialist heavily involved in motorsport. Offers full HKS part range, Carbon and Kevlar components for every conceivable area on the Mitsubishi EVO range. Offers routine servicing and repairs, performance pack tuning upgrades with online prices and engine building services with online prices for new rebuilt complete engines and for upgraded high power engine rebuilds again with online prices. Also offersLSDs and uprated gearbox internals, which fit inside original gearbox casing, for the Mitsubishi EVO range with a selection of gear ratios depending on usage, i.e. Fast Road, Group N Rallying, Drag and Rallycross. All in all a one stop shop. Lancashire

Power Engineering
Full servicing and tuner facilities

At Power Engineering we have all you require to maintain and improve your EVO: from a fully equipped workshop staffed by experienced car enthusiasts to a 750bhp four wheel drive rolling road.


Being an Ecutek dealer we are able to carry out custom mapped ECU upgrades for the EVO V to IX based on our own mapping for UK fuels. This alone has taken 12 months of development and testing.


In addition to the ECU upgrades we have developed our own high power exhaust system which incorporates a high-flow catalyst. We have special suspension struts which improve the handling of this stunning car and reduce it’s harshness. We have even gone as far as making stainless steel bolt kits for the engine compartment.

Owen Developments
Mitsubishi EVO tuning specialist. ECU Mapping, Remapping, Turbo Upgrades and Race Preparation.

Power Station
Mitsubishi EVO Specialist. EVO tuning services include performance packs, performance upgrades and suspension kits and set up. Also available, routine servicing, repairs and maintenance.

A YouTube Channel ahead of its time. A day in the life of an EVO/STI tuning specialist – PART2


Shawn Taylor Racing
STR offers 24 years experience in the motor trade. If you prefer not to deal with the main dealer or care about the quality of workmanship carried out on your car then give us a call.

Wincanton Motor Services
Mitsubishi Colt engine conversions

Owen Developments
High respected tuner carrying out high level performance tuning. All aspects of engine development and engine setup carried out in complete secrecy from private individuals to multinational companies Owen Developments has it all. Main Agent for ASNU fuel injectorservicing, Garrett Turbo Chargers, Motec Europe, HKS and Prodrive.

EVO Part Suppliers UK

Co-ord Sport
Co-ordSport is a well established and successful motorsports and performance parts wholesaler/retailer and motorsports management company. The company has built and run cars with many major teams including Mitsubishi Motors Corpn./Ralliart inc., both of Japan and Proton Cars Corpn./EON Motorsports of Malaysia, in events around the world. They have also built and run various marques of cars for private drivers in Western and Eastern Europe and other areas

Co-ordSport are the UK/European Distributors, Official Main Dealers and Stockists for a selection of well-respected imported car parts, including RAYS Wheels, HKS tuning parts, Cusco suspension, ARP studs and bolts, Helix clutches, KAAZ limited slip differentials and much more.

Co-ordSport have a wealth of technical knowledge from over 20 years in the motorsports industry, helping engine builders, rally teams, garages, traders and motorsports enthusiasts all over the world.

A YouTube Channel ahead of its time. A day in the life of an EVO/STI tuning specialist – PART3


EVO Tuners – EVO Tuning Specialists Japan

Garage Kagotani
Mazda RX-7, Nissan Skyline R34, R33, R32 and Mitsubishi EVO CT9A Specialist. Complete tuning service chassis to engine to body work.

Auto Produce Boss
Total tuning solutions from part fabrication to servicing

Mitsubishi EVO accessory dealer – Parts include windscreen washer nozzle relocation to wiper arm, in dash gauge pads, on dash gauge pods (for 60mm gauges), clear/see through cam belt covers, exhaust manifolds, titanium exhaust system, uprated fuel pump electrical harness, stainless steel braided brake lines, titanium exhaust manifold cover which resists corrosion and includes titanium bolts, front mount intercooler kit, front pipe, turbo outlet.

EVO Tuning Movie – Dynoflash Part 4,5,6,7

EVO Tuners – EVO Tuning Specialists USA

Buscher Racing
Buscher offer a massive range of in-house developed turbo kits for the EVO 7 , WVO 8 , EVO 9 and EVO X. Their turbo upgrade kits have something for everbody, whether your looking for a subtle boost in power or looking to get into the 9s on the 1/4 mile. Buscher has a turbo kit for you.

A range of intercoolers and alloy radiators for the EVO 8,9 and EVO X. CBRD also modify stock turbo housing with their own internals for higher flow and better response

Port Flow Design Harbor City, California
Cylinder head packages for Mitsubishi EVO 8 4G63 engines – Port Flow Design is a leader in cylinder head technology with a state of the art operation.

We have the experience and knowledge to help you with your racing needs.

Port Flow Design specializes in cylinder heads for all types of racing applications. Founded in 1982, Port Flow Design has worked with the top racing associations, which include: NHRA, NASCAR, INDY CAR, SAC, SCCA, and IMSA.

Through the years we have studied and worked with the best in the industry to learn more about race engine development. Working for such companies like:

HPD (Honda Performance Development)
NPTI (Nissan Performance Technology)
Porsche Motorsports
TRD (Toyota Racing Development)

Carbon fibre specialist making parts for the EVO X. Lip spoilers, carbon splitters, carbon brake ducts, carbon wing vents, fender vents, carbon hood scoops, carbon wing, trunk spoiler, carbon vortex generator, carbon gauge pods, carbon c-pillars,  carbon a pillars, carbon shift panels, and general carbon interior trim

Road Race Motorsports
Massive range of exterior parts for the Mitsubishi Evolution, EVO 8 through to the EVO X.

Speed Element Performance
EVO tuning specialist offering performance parts servicing and engine rebuilds

Eclipse Car Tuner – Eclipse Tuning & Eclipse Body Kit Specialist (USA)
Mitsubishi Eclipse Body Kit, Eclipse body kits, performance parts, & auto accessories for all generation Eclipse’s.

EVO Tuners – EVO Tuning Specialists Puerto Rico

Predator Performance

Predator Performance
At Predator Performance we want to offer our customers simply the best high performance parts and accessories for Sport Compact Cars. While we were looking for the best option for Lancer Evolution owners, three letters came to mind, just one company makes products with a quality and finish like no other in the industry, that company is Automotosports (AMS). No other company working with this platform has reached the kind of power levels and good results that AMS has obtained with his customers. After some conversations with the people at AMS we finally finalized the details and became the exclusive dealer of AMS parts in Puerto Rico. If you are looking for performance parts for your Evolution, there are many options, if you are looking for the best, there is only one, AMS.

Predator Performance EVO VIII Demo Car – 578WHP @ 32PSI

Engine Specs:
AMS GT35R Turbo Kit
AMS VSR Intake Manifold
AMS Fuel Rail
AMS Turbo Back Exhaust System with cat by pass
AMS Upper Intercooler Piping
TIAL Blow Off Valve
AMS Front Mount Intercooler
AMS Spec Ross Pistons
AMS Spark Plug Cover
AEM Engine Management System
AMS Mini Battery Kit
PTE 1,150cc Minimum Fuel Injectors
Ralliart Spark Plug Wires
ATI Super Damper
Exedy HD Twin Disc Clutch
Full Blown Dual Fuel Pump Set Up
Oliver Rods
ARP Main Studs
ARP Head Studs
HKS 272 Camshafts
Supertech Dual Valve springs & Retainers
AEM Adjustable Cam Gears
Cometic Head gasket
APR Radiator Cooling Panel
APR Flex Control Bar

JAM Rear Lights

Read the full article at Turbo Magazine

EVO Tuners – EVO Tuning Specialists Canada

Ultimate Racing – Canada
Located in Toronto, Ultimate Racing began in 1991 as a performance shop catering to imports and sport compacts. It’s owner Johnson Lii, has been the sole owner since its conception. When he started years ago, the Canadian import/sport compact market was in its infancy. If you were tinkering with imports during this time in Toronto, you would have known, or at least heard of Johnson’s work at Ultimate.

Johnson had already gained credibility on the streets for building his customers some very fast cars. He began to notice an influx of customers and decided to elevate his technical prowess and reputation by building an import drag car. In 1997, he created Canada’s first and only naturally aspirated import drag car that ran a 12.9@109 mph, subsequently becoming the fastest all-motor import in Canada at the time.

In the 2000 East Coast Battle of the Imports Ultimate Racing introduced its all-new naturally aspirated Honda CRX . The new racecar ran a blistering 11.2 seconds @123 mph. It was the Ultimate team’s first American debut and we became the fastest true unibody all-motor import on the North American East Coast. Not only were we the fastest all-motor import in Canada, but we subsequently became the third fastest naturally aspirated import in the world at the time!

EVO Tuners – EVO Tuning Specialists New Zealand

Speedtech Motorsport
We believe that our approach to tuning is unique, and this is one of the reasons we are the best at what we do. Engine tuning can not be approached with a ‘one-size-fits-all’ mentality which is why we will tune an engine based on its intended purpose. Our tuning philosophy aims to ensure reliability while extracting the optimum engine performance from each individual package.

General Mitsubishi Tuners

Mach V Motorsports
Mach V Motorsports is your one-stop DSM performance tuning parts online store.


Find performance parts on ebay

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