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European Car Clubs – Audi, VW & BMW Clubs

European car clubs based in the USA. Club sites have active forums as checked by StrikeEngine

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Audi Club NA
Audi Club North America (ACNA), formerly Quattro Club USA, was founded in 1984 by Frank Beddor, Jr., a prominent Minneapolis businessman and an avid automobile enthusiast. Mr. Beddor’s goal was to organize a club for owners of Audi models equipped with quattro, all-wheel drive.

A firm believer in the quattro system, Mr. Beddor organized Audi Club NA to give Audi owners the opportunity to experience the benefits of all-wheel drive under high performance driving conditions, learn safety and car control skills and share their enthusiasm for driving Audis.

Autobahn North America
Autobahn America is a Volkswagen and Audi enthusiast club based in New York and New Jersey.

Founded in 2003, we’ve been collecting Dubs, Audis, and their owners ever since. We meet regularly for cruises, car shows, and any VAG-obsessed activities with which we can entertain ourselves.

This club is based on fun and friendship. We are not about who has the most cash. Modifying your car can be pricey, and we accept members from a broad spectrum of project cars to super-modified, and air-cooled to water-cooled


Blitzkrieg Tuners

BMW Mofo
BMWMOFO (BMW Motorsport of Oklahoma) was started on a rainy, cold February day in 2005. The intention was to just have a single BMW meet in Oklahoma where several forum members could put a face (and car) to a username. Timid at first, the group meshed real well and we decided to start up a formal (yet informal) club.

We are made up of BMW enthusiasts who are in love with our cars. We love to drive them as much as we like to work on them and show them off. Though the club is not formally affiliated with the BMWCCA, several of our members are members of both. Our official members are required to pay an annual dues fee of $20.00 per year (which is described in detail in the MOFO Membership section of the website) but anyone is welcome to come out to any of our events and hang out. You may know some of us on the street as well as on the track from either of our 2 main chapters in Oklahoma City and Tulsa. There are no set requirements to be a member, only the passion for the generations of BMW’s. BMW owner, prospective owner, or just a friend, we would love to have you. Be sure to check out our Events Calendar for our weekly/monthly meets in Oklahoma City, Tulsa , or anywhere else in the state.

The year was 1969. There were soldiers in Vietnam. Hippies at Woodstock. And in Boston, a few car nuts were wandering the streets, snapping leaflets to the windshields of a curious new German import – the BMW 2002. They were recruiting members for a new car club dedicated to the object of their desire. At least some people had their priorities in order.

In time, veterans, hippies, and other driving purists from all over the spectrum would find common ground in what has become the world’s largest owner-supported car club – the BMW Car Club of America. Today, BMW CCA has 66 chapters nationwide, with more than 75,000 members, mutually enhancing each other’s BMW ownership experience.

BMW Motorsport – Greece

Capital Dubs – Washington DC
Capital Dubs was founded on January 11, 2008. A bunch of friends got together in Laurel, MD at Hooters and decided to start a VW/Audi club for the Washington D.C. metropolitan area. So far, we are over a year old and still going strong. We gain new members every month and a larger presence in the community. Join the forum and we hope to see you at the meet.

Chapter 11 Dubs – Charlotte
Chapter 11 Dubs was started by two locals wanting to revive the VW/Audi scene in the greater Charlotte area. With the response so far, the scene now has a new spark. Our inaugural Lake Wylie Cookout in June 2007 was an overwhelming success. We had 50+ cars representing over 5 states! Since then, we have had several club sponsored events, caravans to other group GTG’s and trips to major events such as Southern Worthersee, Euro-Fest and H2O.

Club VAG – Mexico

DTM Power – USA

Dubish – PA
If you like German cars and need a home to discuss your car ideas and German cars in general you’ve come to the right place. If your an old friend welcome back! We decided that manual profile updating and user account maintenance was just to much for 1 guy to handle. So we have made some serious changes so that each member can now update their profiles, enter blog entries, upload new images and keep us all up to date on the progress of your new build or crazy mods you’ve done to an existing build. If you have any questions about site functionality or anything else car related drop us a line.

Dubs in the Buff – NY
Our forums are the most active Euro Car forums in the state of NY.

Find lots of Volkswagen/Audi talk to the most random stuff one could ever imagine in our Off Topic forum. There’s something for everyone!

With over a thousand members and nearing 200,000 posts you can be sure that our Volkswagen/Audi/Everything forums will keep you busy!

EuroBlitz – Iowa
So are we… An Iowa VW club? Yes. An Iowa Audi club? Yes. BMW club? Yes. An Iowa European Car Club? YES!!!

This site is for car enthusiasts who want to share and/or expand their knowledge, buy/sell cars or parts or simply meet other local European car fans.
euroBlitz was created by a group of enthusiasts who met on the vwvortex discussion forums, local automotive events and just hanging out in downtown Des Moines, Iowa on Saturday nights.

After a couple of years, we got the bright idea that maybe our loosely-knit group should try to organize itself a bit more and create a website so that other like-minded individuals could easily find us and our events. Sometime around April, 2004 went online!

Eurowerks was founded back in 2003 by a few members feeling disconnected from a community based on image and marketing. We strive to keep a foundation based on what’s really important. The members, the cars, and the community we have created here together, everything else is secondary.

Grupo VAG

H2O Tuning – Alabama

Louisville VW

New Sweden

Ocean State Dubs

Ohio VW

Projekt German
Welcome to the home of Projekt German Auto Grüppe! Projekt German (or PKG) is a German car entusiast club based in Iowa with members all over the Midwest and as far as either coast. We are here to offer a “meeting point” for persons who share the same common interest. Our main focus is on on German brands like Volkswagen, Audi, BMW, Mercedes, and Porsche but any one is welcome. So whether you are looking to gain some knowledge or offer us yours, we look forward to meeting you.

ROFL Wagons

Sacwater – Sacramento

SB Euro Club

Since December 2003 THREE.8.WERKS, Ferdinand’s Crew, began with the intention of growing into a small, close-knit quality VW/Audi Car Club. Of course back then, our name was VWFixx New York Chapter, and there was more interest in hanging out, than participating in car shows and events. The ultimate goal for Tania Santos, the founder, was 1st. quality members and a close 2nd. quality cars. Fast forward to 2009, and you see one of the most prominent, respected and participating VW/Audi Car Clubs in the Northeast Region, now spreading to the FL area as well. Our goal is to maintain positive camaraderie, participate in the community and enjoy our Volkswagens and Audis to the fullest. We carry on more like a brotherhood than your run-of-the-mill car club.

TW Competition
TWCompetition (“TWC”) is comprised of individuals who share the singular goal of being the elite of VIP tuning. The passion for vehicle customization, coupled with innovative flair, brings TWC vehicles to the forefront in our competitive scene. From modest beginnings in 2002, TWC has matured into an organization that is widely recognized throughout the industry today.

Thank you for visiting UroStyles!! Come on in, register on our Forums, check out our Photo Gallery and have a good time! We have a great group of knowledgeable people that will be happy to answer any questions you may have or help you with any problems you may encounter.

We have weekly get togethers where you can come hang out with all of us. Once it gets warmer we’re going to have photoshoots, barbeques, cruises, and we’re going to go to many cars shows as well.

Venom Motorsports
In a town where ‘beer & brats’ are considered staple foods, it was only appropriate to start a German car club… more specifically, a Volkswagen club. From our first meeting of four members (freezing our tailpipes off), to a growing list of 30+ members, V.E.N.O.M. Motorsports is quickly becoming a ‘household name’ to sport-compact car enthusiasts.

Club Volk Speed
Club Volkspeed, the father chapter, was established on December 21, 2000. This date was the first official night the three founders of Volkspeed cruised as a team. But how did the idea come up?

Julio and Pedro met at a local car wash one Thursday night in November 2000. After detailing their VW’s, they headed out and cruised around town with some buddies. Unfortunately, they were the only ones with VW’s. While cruising, they saw that most car clubs had all types of imports. The only club that stuck to their kind was that of the Neon’s. It was then the both came up with the idea of an all-VW club.

Watercooled Militia

Wet Dub is the online presence for the club known as Wetdub, a group of Volkswagen and Audi enthusiasts based in the south central region of the United States. While we love all things Volkswagen and Audi, the main focus of the group is on the watercooled era (’75-Present).


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