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Car Insurance – OFFICIAL – Using your phone WORSE then speeding.


From the horse’s mouth ” Octo Telematics, said: “What we are seeing is that distraction is a better predictor of the likelihood to have an accident than speeding.”

You are more around 30% more likely to have and accident or cause and accident if you have been convicted of using a mobile phone when driving.

If you have been convicted of speeding, you are only 10-20% more likely to have an accident.

UK car insurance companies are increasing renewal premiums by around 30% for people who have been convicted of using their mobile phone when driving.

Compared to people who have been convicted of speeding whose renewals is only 10-20% higher.

StrikeEngine opinion:

As you would expect from an industry as advanced as car insurance, a person using a mobile phone when driving is massively more dangerous to other road users compared to someone who is looking where they are going.

Twice as dangerous? Absolutely.

Which begs the question. How do cars with in car infotainment systems which allow the driver to navigate through menus when driving, how do they fit in with mobile phone usage?

Surely it is one and the same? Apparently if the screen is rigidly mounted to the car then it is no problem. Certainly better than fumbling around for it but still a huge distraction.

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