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Traffic Lights – The CASE for banning traffic lights

Traffic lights are by far the most dangerous piece of road design in use. They are involved in 90% of injuries and fatalities in urban areas.

Traffic lights create the perfect storm of circumstances which lead to hugely dangerous situations. Situations which would absolutely not happen if they did not exist.

0:09 Why I think they should be banned 0:19 90% of accident happen with 100ft of traffic lights in urban areas

0:35 No reason to think rest of the world is different

0:43 Day to day observations

1:01 Most dangerous piece of road

1:12 People are the problem?

1:27 You could look at it that way….

1:36 Traffic lights are a user interface

1:50 Product is not intuitive

2:03 User interface problem

2:10 Not compatible with human instincts

2:25 Why do traffic lights get a pass

2:32 Alternatives

2:50 Flash orange

3:10 Roundabouts

3:15 Why are traffic lights dangerous?

3:27 Traffic lights give people impression they can switch off

3:45 No redundancy

4:03 Dodgy junction

4:15 Only 1 person has to make a mistake

4:32 If everybody paying attention there would be redundancy

4:48 With traffic lights no one is looking at anything

5:09 When you get the green you go

5:23 Traffic lights obviously a bad design

5:42 When you have potential conflict speeds are at their peak

6:00 Accidents most likely to occur when speeds are highest

6:24 When right of way changes speeds are highest

6:33 Traffic lights create a perfect storm of catastrophe

6:47 Have them flashing orange permanently

6:53 Put a mini roundabout

6:57 Get rid of all road furniture

7:00 Naked streets

7:01 Shared spaces

7:04 It can be done

7:08 Basically anything is better than traffic lights

7:14 This is my case for banning traffic lights

7:23 What is your opinion? Can you make a case for traffic lights? Do you agree?

7:29 Please vote, subscribe, Ill see you again next time

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